Alumni Mentoring Programmes

Caring by Serving! Many supportive alumni have participated in mentoring programmes at City University of Hong Kong (CityU) serving as mentors. They provide students with career advice, job hunting skills, professional knowledge and networking opportunities. The following mentoring programmes are coordinated by academic departments at CityU. Interested alumni may contact respective departments for further details.

CSE Mentorship Programme by the College of Science and Engineering

  • The programme is a joint effort between the College of Business (CB) and the College of Science and Engineering (CSE). Alumni of CB and external industrialists, who are senior executives in their fields as well as experienced mentors, are invited to serve as mentors of CSE students. The programme aims to enhance the development of students through multi-disciplinary learning. It is believed that CSE students will benefit immensely from the mentorship of these dedicated professionals, including career advice, job hunting skills, communication skills and nuts and bolts of a particular industry.
  • Enquiries: (852) 3442 4133,

Accounting Scholars Programme by Department of Accountancy

  • It is designed for high achieving accounting students who strive for academic excellence and whole person development. Admitted students to the Programme will receive training on various skills and knowledge arena including business case analysis, interpersonal skills, wine tasting, Chinese literature appreciation and others. All student members would also be assigned to an internal (faculty member) mentor and a professional mentor who is partner of CPA firm or senior executive of business organisations for practice learning and exposure.

IS Alumni Mentorship Programme (ISAMP) by Department of Information Systems (IS)

  • It aims to build up a channel for IS alumni to share their experience and advice with current students.  In each academic year, IS alumni mentor groups with two to three alumni each will be formed and six to nine student mentees will be assigned to each group.

Career Mentoring Programme by Department of Management

Industrial Mentoring Scheme by Department of Management Sciences (MS)

  • The purpose of the Scheme is to provide valuable support and development for MS undergraduate students by linking them to mentors who provide guidance and advice on their future career development.

Social Work Graduate Mentors Scheme by Department of Applied Social Sciences

  • The Scheme offers various practical workshops and forums in resume writing, interview preparation, mock job interview, etc. for graduating students to get prepared for entering the profession.  Social work alumni are invited to share their life experience and work with the graduating students through different channels. 

Graduate Mentoring Programme by Psychology Programme of Department of Applied Social Sciences

  • Graduates of the psychology programme are invited to serve as mentors for undergraduate students of the Department to share experience in job hunting and career development
  • Enquiries: Dr Ben Li, (852) 3442 8261,


Non-local mentoring support

Enthusiastic alumni residing in mainland China and overseas serving as Alumni Ambassadors (AAs) are committed to providing mentoring support for CityU students.  Alumni are welcome to join the effort of AAs to help the students and strengthening the alumni network.  Please click here to learn the contact information of non-local Alumni Ambassadors.