CityU static web template was first launched in 2011. After a decade, "Mobile-first" design nearly dominant all the internet products, and redesigned University main site was launched successfully in 2019. To align with University branding and style consistency, a new static web template with responsive web design has been prepared.

Bootstrap is adopted in this new version of CityU static web template. It is one of the most popular HTML, CSS and JS framework for responsive web design and development. It helps web designer and web developer save times on building web layout. With Bootstrap framework in our new CityU static web template, design flexibility in departmental websites could be improved and making the website accessible via mobile devices effortlessly.

In consideration of massive structural source code change from legacy template to our brand new responsive template, an in-place update is not feasible and departments need to download the new CityU template and rebuild their website.

To help departments to kick started, we are pleased to offer assistance to those departments having difficulties in the website revamp process by providing a customized web template. Departments may raise an CSC Work Request to us for requesting a customized web template for your departmental/project websites

Web Templates

Compulsory for all top-level websites of colleges and schools, academic departments, research centres, and administrative and academic support units.

Optional for sub-sites and event websites, including but not limited to, sub-divisions, projects, information and service websites. For those not using templates or heavily customizing templates, please read our guidelines for sub-sites and event websites.

Prohibited for any non-university websites, personal websites, student organizations, any websites in connection with an outside organization or commercial enterprises, or may carry a potential for financial, legal or reputational risk to the University. For more information, please refer to the University Policy and Guidelines for the Use of the University's Name, Visual Identity and Trade Marks.


The templates are designed and tested to handle various issues, covering browsers, mobile devices, SEO, accessibility, etc. With minimal customization the use of web templates could save a lot of time in web development.

Download Templates v2.0.3

The Zip contains the following HTML files:

How to Use

Please download the web templates and customize depending on the office's need.

  • For brand consistency, customizations to header, navigation menu, footer, fonts and colors should be minimal. Content layouts are adjustable to suit various need.
  • For any contents and customizations, the arisen mobile web issues should be cleared, and should conform to the University-Wide Web Accessibility Policy.
  • The downloaded HTML templates include links to centrally maintained scripts and images (start with Developers should not download those scripts and images as a local copy.
  • The customization page provides some useful examples, in technical aspect. Hundreds of University websites are using the templates as well, they provide useful references.
  • For web hosting, security and account issues, please refer to Web Related Policies and Guidelines.