University-Wide Web Accessibility Policy

1. Objective

All official information published by the City University of Hong Kong (University) shall be accessible to the widest audience possible. To ensure an adequate and uniform coverage, every University website should comply with an international web accessibility standard.

2. Scope

  1. This policy applies to all University websites that are available for the public. Protected pages within public websites are also highly recommended to follow.
  2. This policy does not apply to websites published by individual student, staff, or non-university organization that are hosted by the University.

3. Policy

  1. All websites that are built, updated or revised after this policy was established must include reasonable efforts to conform to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 standard, Level AA conformance, unless granted an exception by the CIO.
  2. This policy establishes minimum standards for web accessibility. Web developers are encouraged to go beyond the minimum whenever possible.

4. Responsibility

  1. Each unit is responsible for testing and remediating their own websites for web accessibility.
  2. Each website should appoint a contact person to handle the incidents in case users have trouble accessing ​content within the site.
  3. Further complaints regarding accessibility of University websites should be directed to the OCIO for investigation and referral.

5. Web Accessibility Link

  1. Each University website within scope should contain a link to the Web Accessibility Policy page.
  2. For consistency, web developers should paste the following code into their website’s footer, between "Disclaimer" and "Contact Us":
    <a href="">Accessibility</a>

6. Exceptions

Units seeking an exception to this policy must submit a written request to, detailing why the compliance is not feasible and how the unit will make information from its website accessible by other means, in an equally effective manner.