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About Us
Our Office
Unleashing potential
Education is not centred solely around academics. At OVPSA, we believe in helping students embrace the opportunities for learning and growth all around them, both inside and outside of the lecture theatre. We are committed to ensuring all students have a sense of belonging, by providing guidance and learning experiences that open minds and make university life more meaningful. Along with other line offices, we offer activities and support services that help our students develop into confident individuals, proud members of society, and global citizens of the world.

Whether through sports, arts, cultural exchanges, career development, community engagement, or self-reflection, OVPSA seeks to inspire and nurture the unique talents, abilities, and aspirations of every student, to unleash their true potential.
What we do
Led by Professor Raymond Chan, Vice-President (Student Affairs), who is assisted by Dean of Students, OVPSA oversees Student Development Services (SDS) and Student Residence Office (SRO).
Our vision is for every student to thrive at university and beyond. We are committed to providing our students with the support they need to have a fulfilling and purposeful university experience, and we want to see them become globally minded, civically oriented leaders and lifelong learners, equipped with communication skills, creativity, and critical thinking.
By providing opportunities for our students to experience and collaborate in multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural environments, we can help them to expand their outlooks, empower them to pursue their aspirations, and equip them to thrive at university and beyond.
Organization Chart
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