(5) Teaching Studio and Classroom Regulations

A. Purpose

The acceptable and unacceptable use of the facilities at the Printing Areas, Teaching Studios and Classrooms (collectively the Area) and related penalties, if any, are governed by the "Policies on Use of IT Services and Resources" and additional regulations defined in this document.

B. Scope

All users of the facilities at the Printing Areas, Teaching Studios and Classrooms are subject to regulations defined in this document.

C. Statement

  1. All users, upon request, must produce appropriate ID cards for inspection by the security guard or the staff on duty.
  2. The security guard or the staff on duty has the right to examine the activities, processes, or print outs to ensure that the users are observing the regulations.
  3. The Area is under video surveillance and the use and playback of the video footage is governed by the prevailing guidelines set out by the University.
  4. A user at the Area must:
    1. use only his/her own account to book the workstation and use the workstation only for academic work; 
    2. follow the instructions in front of each laser printer and observe best practice/guidelines in related website when using the printing service; 
    3. return to the Service Desk all loaned equipment or manuals 15 minutes before the service closing time;
    4. leave the Area immediately at its closing time, or at any other time when instructed to do so by the security guard or the staff on duty; 
    5. look after the personal belongings at all times and ensure to bring with him/her all his/her personal belongings including mobile devices, removable storage media, etc. before leaving the Area; 
    6. practise green IT (e.g. printing hard copy only when absolutely necessary, powering off the workstation after use, etc.), and 
    7. report any malfunction of equipment to the Service Desk for repair.
  5. A user at the Area must not:  
    1. cause any nuisance or disturbance to others (e.g. shouting, singing, playing music or computer game, etc.); 
    2. install, alter, delete, or copy any software on computers;
    3. allow others to use his/her account(s) and CityU ID card; 
    4. use any equipment for non‐academic related work (e.g. printing blank paper, election materials, etc.);
    5. alter the location and connections of any equipment (e.g. power bar, network cable, monitor, keyboard, mouse, CCTV, etc.);
    6. connect any unauthorised devices to the network or AV equipment in the Area without prior approval;
    7. in any way deface or damage any equipment, manual, or other property;
    8. leave personal belongings unattended at any time; 
    9. eat, drink, or play any form of game, and 
    10. without prior approval from CSC, repair or attempt to repair CSC’s equipment, or alter their hardware or software settings.

D. Enforcement

Failure to comply with any regulation defined in this document may result in penalties as described in the "Policies on Use of IT Services and Resources."

E. Terms and Definition

A common set of terms and definitions used in the IT Policies and Regulations are defined in the “Policies on Use of IT Services and Resources” document.

F. Related Policies and Regulations

This document, Teaching Studio and Classroom Regulations, is only part of the policy.  The “Policies on Use of IT Services and Resources” document contains a complete list of other relevant regulations.

The IT Policies and Regulations may be revised from time to time as necessary without prior notice.

G.  Contact Information 

For questions about this document, please contact the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) at cio@cityu.edu.hk.