(3) Campus Network Regulations

A. Purpose

The proper use of the campus network and the violation of such use (including its related penalty, if any) are governed by the “Policies on Use of IT Services and Resources", “Information Security Policies and Standards”, the JUCC’s “HARNET Acceptable Use Policy” and additional regulations defined in this document.

B. Scope

All users with access to the campus network are subject to regulations defined in this document.

C. Statement

  1. Users must not attempt to disrupt or degrade the performance of host systems, any device on the network, or any IT service delivered over the network. 
  2. Loopholes in network security systems or knowledge of special passwords etc. must not be used to gain access to any service or any resource on the network for which proper authorisation has not been given by Central IT
  3. Users must not create or distribute malicious software codes on the network, and should take all reasonable precautions to prevent such actions. 
  4. Users must not connect or disconnect networking equipment (e.g. bridges, routers, repeaters, protocol analysers, data loggers, transceivers, wireless access points, etc.) to or from the campus network without proper authorisation from Central IT.  All network changes made by departments to the campus network, including the information of the administrators involved and/or users affected (if applicable), need registration and/or updates, as appropriate, with Central IT
  5. Users must not conduct network experiments on the campus network such as demonstrating network vulnerabilities, sniffing network traffic, generating network traffic which will lead to depletion of its available bandwidth, or setting up phishing sites, etc. unless proper authorisation has been given by Central IT
  6. All computers directly reachable from the Internet or Intranet (i.e. not connected to a private or standalone network) must use only those IP addresses/node names/domain names that are approved by Central IT in order to avoid conflicts which might result in disruption of normal operation of the campus network.  Please refer to the "IP address registration" and "Domain Name System Policy and Guidelines". 
  7. Users must register in advance with Central IT (a) for any network server or communication link installed on campus through which the IT service, accessible by remote user, is offered, or (b) for any IT service that is offered to staff and students but hosted by external service providers. 
  8. Without prior approval from Central IT, users must not perform network scanning or port scanning on the campus network. 

D. Enforcement

Failure to comply with any regulation defined in this document may result in penalties as described in the "Policies on Use of IT Services and Resources."

E. Terms and Definition

A common set of terms and definitions used in the IT Policies and Regulations are defined in the “Policies on Use of IT Services and Resources” document.

F. Related Policies and Regulations

This document, Campus Network Regulations, is only part of the policy.  The “Policies on Use of IT Services and Resources” document contains a complete list of other relevant regulations.

The IT Policies and Regulations may be revised from time to time as necessary without prior notice.

G.  Contact Information 

For questions about this document, please contact the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) at cio@cityu.edu.hk​.