Dr. Tao Yang has been named a NSFC Excellent Young Scientist (Hong Kong and Macau)

Congratulations to Dr. Tao Yang who received RMB 2 Million grant from the 2022 National Natural Science Foundation (NSFC) Excellent Young Scientist Scheme (Hong Kong and Macau)! The NSFC Excellent Young Scientist Scheme offers support to young academics with outstanding performance in basic research, and encourages them to focus on areas of their own choice for innovative research. Dr. Yang is one of the four awardees in CityU.

The rapid growth of technology-intensive modern industries has led to a substantially increased demand of advanced metallic materials for enhancing engineering reliability, sustainability, and energy efficiency. In this project titled ‘Multicomponent intermetallic compound and its high-temperature applications’, Dr. Yang and his team will direct their energies to the innovative design and fabrication of multicomponent intermetallic compound alloys, which are promising for next-generation advanced structural materials with extraordinary thermal and mechanical properties, especially at high temperatures. Benefiting from the research achievements in this project, a broad range of modern industries including the automotive, aerospace, petrochemical, and power generation industries will be greatly innovated and improved.