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Visual Material List

Class A General Works
Class B-BF Philosophy. Psychology
Class BH-BX Aesthetics. Ethics. Religion
Class C Archaeology. Biography
Class D History (General)
Class DA-DR History of Europe
Class DS History of Asia
Class DT-DX History of Africa. Oceania. Gypsies
Class E-F History: America
Class G-GC Geography
Class GE Environmental Sciences. Human Ecology
Class GN-GT Anthropology. Folklore. Manners and Customs
Class GV Recreation. Leisure
Class H-HA Social Sciences (General). Statistics
Class HB Economic Theory. Demography
Class HC Economic History and Conditions
Class HD Industries. Land Use. Labour
Class HE Transportation and Communications
Class HF Commerce, Business and Management
Class HG-HJ Finance. Public Finance including Taxation
Class HM-HN Sociology. Social History and Conditions
Class HQ The Family. Marriage. Woman
Class HS-HT Societies: secret, benevolent, etc. Communities. Classes. Races
Class HV-HX Social Pathology. Social and Public Welfare. Criminology. Socialism. Communism
Class J Political Science
Class K Law
Class L Education
Class M Music
Class N Visual Arts
Class NA Architecture
Class NB-ND Sculpture. Drawing. Design. Illustration. Painting
Class NE-NX Print media. Decorative Arts. Arts in General
Class P-PB Language and Literature (General). Greek. Latin. Modern Languages
Class PC-PD Romanic Languages (Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.). Germanic Languages
Class PE English Language
Class PF-PK Languages: German, Russian, etc.
Class PL Language and Literature of Eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania
Class PN Literature (General). Poetry. Performing Arts. Drama. Radio and Television Broadcasts. Short Films. Experimental Films
Class PQ French Literature. Italian Literature. Spanish Literature. Portuguese Literature
Class PR English Literature
Class PS American Literature
Class PT German Literature. Other European Literature
Class PZ3 Motion Pictures, Chinese
Class PZ4 Motion Pictures, non-Chinese
Class PZ5-90 Juvenile belles letters
Class Q Science (General)
Class QA Mathematics. Computer Science (Software)
Class QB Astronomy
Class QC Physics
Class QD Chemistry
Class QE Geology
Class QH Natural History - General, Biology - General, Ecology
Class QK Botany
Class QL Zoology
Class QM-QP Human Anatomy. Physiology
Class QR Microbiology
Class R Medicine
Class S Agriculture
Class T Technology
Class TA Civil Engineering
Class TC Hydraulic Engineering. Ocean Engineering
Class TD Environmental Technology. Sanitary Engineering
Class TE-TG Highway Engineering. Railroad Engineering. Bridge Engineering
Class TH Building Construction
Class TJ Mechanical Engineering and Machinery
Class TK Electrical Engineering. Electronics. Computing Science (Hardware)
Class TL Motor Vehicles. Aeronautics. Astronautics
Class TN Mining Engineering. Metallurgy
Class TP Chemical Technology
Class TR Photography
Class TS Manufactures
Class TT Handicrafts
Class TX Home Economics
Class U-V Military Science. Naval Science
Class Z Word Processing. Publishing. Bibliography. Library Science. Information Resources (General)