Course Reserve - Depositing Service

Course Reserve is a service offered to teaching staff to make course related materials available to students and other users in a one-stop-shop manner. Materials in the Course Reserve are for short loans (1 day or 3 days) as designated by the teaching staff, so as to expedite circulation. In addition, the course materials will be easily accessible to students on the CityU Canvas by clicking the "Library Resources" link inside the corresponding courses.

Depositing Guidelines


  • Please read our Depositing Policy carefully before submitting your request.
  • When depositing Course Reserve, you must state clearly the name of the instructor, the course code and the name of the course.
  • The Library will put all Course Reserve materials back to their original locations for normal circulation and remove links to E-Books and E-articles by the end of Semester B.
  • For each requested item, if there is an electronic version, the Library will replace the book reserve request with an E-Book and will reply the requester via email with an online access.




Semi-closed (Reserve)

Media Reserve

Nature of Materials

Primo Services Page OpenURL links enabling access to electronic articles available from the CityU Library

Library subscribed

Books in the Circulation Collection

Materials in the Media Resources Collection

“Location” display at Online Catalogue

Online access


Circulation Counter - Media

Physical Location

(On internet)

Semi-closed Collection Room

Circulation Counter

Loan Quota

No limit

Loan quota and loan period vary among e-book collections.

Right of remote access to e-books depends on the patron status of the users and the license agreements between the Library and the e-book service providers.

For details, please refer to the Library web page on electronic books.

Altogether no more than 5 items
from Course Reserve or Closed Access Collection

Loan Period

No limit

(Right of remote access to E-Reserve depends on the user's patron status and the license agreements between the Library and the e-resources vendors.)

1 day or 3 days

1 day

Request Forms for Depositing in Course Reserve

Please download the form below and submit the completed form to

E-Articles : Request Form for E-Articles

E-Book : Request Form for E-Book

Semi-closed (Reserve) : Request Form for Semi-closed (Reserve), or online submission via Semi-closed (Reserve) Collection Request Form.

Media Reserve : Request Form for Media Reserve

For enquiries, please send an email to We would be glad to offer assistance.