User Survey

Thank you all for participating in the Library User Survey 2018.

The Library User Survey was conducted during 15 Jan to 15 Feb 2018 using self-administered online questionnaires supported by Qaltrics survey software. With permission given by the Association of Research Libraries, this Survey has adopted the 15 Core Questions, 5 Information Literacy Outcomes Questions, 2 General Satisfaction Questions and 2 Library Use Questions of LibQual+ Survey. Questions to evaluate some new Library services such as WhatsApp a Librarian, Library Newsletters, CityU LibraryFind and CityU Scholars are also included in this Survey.

A total of 2,703 respondents participated in the survey. The distribution is shown in the table below:
Respondents by User Group Percentage (%)
Undergraduate students 65%
Postgraduate students 21%
Administrative staff & other staff positions 7%
Academic & Research Staff 5%
Others 2%

In terms of general satisfaction, the results indicated that the respondents are satisfied with Library service in general. In the 15 core questions about affect of service, information control and library as place, the overall perceived mean of 7.15 is recorded (with 1 being the lowest and 9 is the highest score). The satisfaction rate of Library’s overall service quality is recorded at 7.20 this year, as compared to 7.00 in 2015 and 6.88 in 2011.

In terms of library use, the results indicated more than half of the respondents (55%) used resources within the library on a weekly basis and about a quarter (24%) on a daily basis. Furthermore, 43% of the respondents indicated that they accessed Library resources through Library webpage weekly while 30% on a daily basis.

Regarding the new services provided by the Library, the results indicates CityU LibraryFind is the most popular new service (86%), followed by CityU Scholars (43%), Library Newsletter (34%) and WhatsApp a Librarian (10%).

It is also noted that if the library redesigns the existing spaces, 725 respondents indicated their first priority for more “individual study space”, followed by “24-hour access to certain library study area” (717) and “computer area” (539).

For more details about the results and the questionnaire, please refer to the “Library User Survey 2018 Report”.

Respondents of the Library User Survey 2018 with CityU email addresses given could enter a lucky draw. The result of the lucky draw was announced on 5 March 2018. For details, please see: