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A System And Method for Monitoring A Device
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The monitoring of plant, equipment and various devices has been a challenge to control systems engineers in recent times as such large scale plants and equipment have become much more widespread. In addition to the coordinate efforts in operating such equipment efficiently, there is also a need to operate these plants and equipment safely as safety standards have improved over time.

Monitoring systems have been developed for various plants and equipment, but often, such systems are complex and require many sensors, monitoring equipment and expert personal so as to diagnose and respond to problems or failures. In turn, these monitor systems itself are becoming more complex and expensive which as systems become more and more complex, they are in turn more prone to failure. This has adversely affecting the efficient of such systems perform its core functions in the first place.


The present invention relates to a system and method for monitoring a device, including the steps of obtaining operation information from a device, wherein the operation information is associated with the condition of the device in operation; and processing the operation information with a device modelling engine to determine one or more operation conditions of the device, and particularly, although not exclusively, to a system and method which uses machine learning to monitor the operation conditions of one or more devices.


  • The system allows for the detection and prediction of any operation conditions of a device. 
  • Any abnormal conditions for a device may be identified and predicted quickly in order to reduce the risk of damage and to maintain the safe operation of the device.


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A System And Method for Monitoring A Device


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