Fees and Charges


Tuition Fees

  You can check the current and future tuition fees of your study programme in your Account Summary in AIMS under Student Record > My Finance. For visiting postgraduate students (Non-programme Students) the tuition fee per credit unit is the same as the fee level of the relevant programme.


Other Fees and Charges

    Fee Type Amount
  1. Graduation Fee1
(payable upon enrolment)
  2. Continuation Fee2
(for students approved to take leave of absence)
$1,500 per semester. Nil for Summer.
  3. Reinstatement Charge3
(for reinstatement of student status after termination of studies due to non-payment of fees)
  4. Late Payment Charge4
(for students with overdue fees and charges in their student accounts)
2% on outstanding balance
  5. CityU Postgraduate Association (CUPA) Membership Fees5
Full-time postgraduate students: $300
Part-time/Combined mode postgraduate students: $150
  6. Application for Certified True Copies of Academic Documents
$30 per page
  7. Application for Letter of Certification
$30 per copy
* If registered mail is required, an additional postal fee will be charged at the prevailing rate set by the Hongkong Post.
  8. Application for Testimonial
  9. Application for Academic Transcripts
$30 per copy for each programme of study (on-line application)
$50 per copy for each programme of study (paper form application)
* If registered mail is required, an additional postal fee will be charged at the prevailing rate set by the Hongkong Post.
  10. Application for Credit Transfer
$140 per application
  11. Replacement of Student ID Card
  12. Replacement of Award Certificate
  13. Fees Certification6
  1. Students will be charged a Graduation Fee upon enrolment in a programme. The Graduation Fee will be refunded to students who subsequently withdraw before graduation or whose studies are being terminated by the University.
  2. Students who need to apply for leave of absence should submit their application via AIMS by the end of Week 2 in a semester/term. If the application is successful, the student will be charged a Continuation Fee to maintain an active enrolment status at the University. Students who are required by the University to suspend from studies also need to pay a Continuation Fee during the suspension period.
  3. After termination of studies by the University due to non-payment of fees, students may apply to the Chow Yei Ching School of Graduate Studies (SGS) to reinstate their student status no later than the start of the examination period of the same semester/term. If the application is successful, the student will be required to pay a reinstatement charge in addition to the outstanding amount.
  4. Students who do not pay the fees and charges in full by the payment due date may have their studies terminated by the University. At the discretion of the University, these students may be given a new due date to settle the original amount plus a late payment charge of 2% on the outstanding balance.
  5. All postgraduate students at the University will automatically become members of the CityU Postgraduate Association (CUPA). The collection of membership fee for CUPA by the University is a service provided by the University to students for administrative convenience only and does not in any way imply any relationship between the University and the student body (CUPA). CUPA is not part of the structure of the University and the University is not responsible for the affairs of the student body. Students who do not wish to join this student body should apply to the CUPA directly for withdrawal of their membership and fee refund. Please contact CUPA at email: cupaao-c@my.cityu.edu.hk / telephone: 34425662.
  6. Enquires about payment record or other payment certification can be made to the Finance Office. Any issue relating to fees certification can be made by appointment to the Finance Office. Please note that e-receipt will be posted monthly in AIMS (under “My Finance” of “Student Record” tab) and is available for viewing for 24 months. Students are recommended to print the receipt for future use.
  7. Individual programmes may have other fees and charges.