Payment Schedule

  1. You can retrieve your e-statement of account, view your Account Summary and the due date for payment of fees in AIMS under Student Record > My Finance. The tuition fee information of your programme in the coming years is also available in your Account Summary page.

  2. An e-statement of student fees for charging of tuition fee and other fees will be available in AIMS under Student Record > My Finance about two to three weeks before the payment due date. Students can view or print the e-statement from AIMS and pay the account balance using one of the Payment Methods. A penalty charge of 2% on the outstanding balance will be imposed if the balance is not settled by the due date. Please refer to the following payment schedule for the current academic year.

  3. Payment Schedule 2019/20

    For programmes with tuition fee charged on a per credit unit basis
    Students studying in a programme that charges tuition fee according to the number of credit units taken have to pay a minimum tuition fee of two credit units before the start of Semesters A and B. The balance of tuition fee for the semester will be collected after the close of the course add/drop period. The schedule for payment is as follows:
    Semester A 2019/20 16 September 2019 (tuition fee of two credit units)
    10 October 2019 (balance of tuition fee for Semester A)
    Semester B 2019/20 3 February 2020 (tuition fee of two credit units)
    (Deferred to 2 March 2020) (balance of tuition fee for Semester B)
    (Further extended to 19 March 2020) 
    Summer Term 2020 8 July 2020

  4. You should finalise your study plan by the close of the course add/drop period. If you need to apply for leave of absence, withdrawal of studies or reduction of study load, please submit an application via AIMS by Week 2. You should settle your tuition fees by the due date to avoid a late charge while waiting for the application results.

  5. According to the University's Regulations on Tuition Fees, late applications for dropping of courses, leave of absence or withdrawal of studies will be subject to the following tuition fee:

    Semester A/B
    Time of Submission Tuition Fee Liable
    Week 3 till the end of Week 6 50%
    Week 7 and afterwards 100%
    * For programmes charged on a per credit unit basis, students will be liable for the tuition fee chargeable or the minimum tuition fee of two credit units, whichever is higher.

    Summer Term
    Time of Submission Tuition Fee Liable
    Week 3 50%
    Week 4 and afterwards 100%
    Additional Notes for New Students:
    1. The Acceptance Fee paid at the time of admission is not refundable.

    2. Students joining the University are required to pay a Graduation Fee of $400. The Graduation Fee will be refunded to students who subsequently withdraw before graduation or whose studies are being terminated by the University.

    3. All postgraduate students at the University will automatically become members of the CityU Postgraduate Association (CUPA). The collection of membership fee for CUPA by the University is a service provided by the University to students for administrative convenience only and does not in any way imply any relationship between the University and the student body (CUPA). CUPA is not part of the structure of the University and the University is not responsible for the affairs of the student body. Students who do not wish to join this student body should apply to the CUPA directly for withdrawal of their membership and fee refund. Please contact CUPA at email: / telephone: 34425662.