In accordance with the City University of Hong Kong Ordinance, the Council shall consist of a Chairman, a Deputy Chairman and a Treasurer who are not public officers or employees of the University.


Mr Lester Garson HUANG, SBS, JP ( 黃嘉純 )
P.C. Woo & Co.

Deputy Chairman

Mr Vincent CHOW Wing-shing, SBS, JP ( 周永成 )
Chow Sang Sang Holdings International Ltd.


Mr Joseph PANG Yuk-wing, BBS, JP ( 彭玉榮 )

Other members of the Council are:

(a) External members who are not public officers or employees of the University:

Dr Eugene CHAN Kin-keung, BBS, JP ( 陳建強 )
Dr Chan & Partners Dental Surgeons Limited

Mr Thomas CHEUNG Tsun-yung, MH, JP ( 張俊勇 )
China Growth Group Limited

Ms Lilian CHIANG Sui-fook ( 蔣瑞福 )

Dr Peter HO Ka-nam ( 何稼楠 )
Techworld Industries Ltd

Mr Christopher HUI Ching-yu ( 許正宇 )
Financial Services Development Council

Mr LAU Ming-wai, GBS, JP ( 劉鳴煒 )
Chinese Estates Holdings Ltd.

Mr Martin LEE Ka-shing, JP ( 李家誠 )
Henderson Land Development Company Limited

Dr Raymond LEE Man-chun, SBS, JP ( 李文俊 )
Lee & Man Paper Manufacturing Ltd.

Mr Kennedy LIU Tat-yin ( 廖達賢 )

Miss LO Po-man ( 羅寶文 )
Regal Hotels International Holdings Ltd.

Mr Dominic PANG Yat-ting ( 彭一庭 )
Asia Allied Infrastructure Holdings Limited

Dr Halina POON Suk-han, MH ( 潘淑嫻 )
Christian & Missionary Alliance Sun Kei Secondary School

(b) Internal members of the University:

Professor Way KUO, JP ( 郭位 )

Deputy President:

Chairman of the Convocation:
Mr Robert LUI Chi-wang ( 呂志宏 )

Academic member of the Senate:
Professor Horace IP Ho-shing, MH ( 葉豪盛 )

Two members of staff elected from among their numbers:
Dr FUNG Wai-wah ( 馮偉華 )
Dr Peter TSE Wai-tat ( 謝偉達 )

President of the Students' Union:
Mr Aaron WONG Hei-long ( 黃希朗 ) (Acting)

One postgraduate student elected from among postgraduate students:
Mr CAO Zhaowenbo ( 曹趙文博 )

Secretary to Council

Dr Kevin DOWNING ( 唐寧 )

Information as at 1 July 2019