The new University Anthem embodies our institutional identity and encourages a greater sense of belonging within our community. The music and lyrics serve to bring us together in a spirit of collegiality and demonstrate to the world who we are and what we stand for. It encompasses our aspirations to be a world-class academic institution with a dual focus on professional education and research that advances knowledge and privileges innovation. Through the anthem, we present CityU’s ideals, values and plans for future success. 

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The message

The University Anthem comes in two parts. “Beyond Boundaries” was chosen as the theme for Part 1. It signifies our desire to reach out to the world. As one of the most rapidly rising universities in the world, and one that is highly internationalised, CityU wants to showcase its multicultural environment, where different perspectives are respected and where creativity and intellectual development are prioritised.   

Part 2 of the Anthem possesses the same melody as Part 1 but with brand new lyrics, written by President Way Kuo, which are rendered more significant by the inspirational score composed by Mr Joe Lei. 

The theme "Knowledge and Wisdom" encapsulates our aspirations to integrate teaching and research, and our determination to stay focused on education. 

Both the first and second parts of the Anthem capture our central character and ethos, singing out our special features, expectations and encouragement, and promoting the University’s vision and mission. 

The Anthem is infused with wisdom from classical Chinese literature against a backdrop of images and music that reflect the dynamic CityU character. For example, “In harmony, not conformity”, a maxim found in The Analects of Confucius, emphasises how the CityU community respects one another while pooling ideas to sharpen the mind and plough fresh pastures for unexplored knowledge.

Enjoy the CityU Anthem and experience the CityU story!


Beyond Boundaries

Lyrics written by Professor Way Kuo         Music composed by Mr. Joe Lei

Learn and question
Beyond boundaries
Surmounting challenge
Staying inquisitive
Diversity for harmony
Along the way, stand tall

Research and tuition
Savant and the inquisitives
Beneath a sky so bright so vast
Advance, pursue our mission

With world leading vision
Under a sky so bright so vast
Diversity for harmony
Along the way, stand tall

Knowledge and Wisdom

Lyrics written by Professor Way Kuo         Music composed by Mr. Joe Lei

Teaching and research form the foundation
Separating politics, staying education
Joyful despite distractions
Along the way, reach far

Justice is ever steadfast
Honesty confirms the truth
Beneath a sky so dignified so vast
Push on, enliven our galaxy

Great virtue sees no boundaries
Under a sky so dignified so vast
Joyful despite distractions
Along the way, reach far

University Anthem Videos

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CityU Anthem Part 1 “Beyond Boundaries”

CityU Anthem Part 2 “Knowledge and Wisdom”

Applications and Guidelines

The University Anthem will be broadcast or performed at CityU events and functions as a way to enhance the University’s image and spotlight our mission and values. For more about the applications and guidelines, you are welcome to visit this webpage.