Sustainable Development Lab


  • Dr. Liang DONG


  • To facilitate the development of interdisciplinary research which can overcome the barriers the existing policy and legislative frameworks pose to the development of green and fair cities.
  • To explore the directions for a more inclusive legislation and public policy making, promoting a smart, green and fair society.
  • To develop a policy toolbox, for the assessment and analysis of alternative legislative and public policy options, serving the framework of SDGs.
  • To explore the mechanisms for development good governance defined as one which balances the economic, social and environmental pressures.
  • To explore the links between Social Justice, alleviation of poverty and Sustainability.
  • The development of an open knowledge hub attracting an increased number of investigators in the field including students, researchers and external stakeholders concerned with sustainable development.
  • The development of interdisciplinary cross-faculty external grant applications to sustain the work of the Green, Fair and Smart Lab.


  • Dr Mandy Meng FANG, Assistant Professor, School of Law
  • Prof Michael TSIMPLIS, Professor, School of Law
  • Dr Bo WEN, Assistant Professor, Department of Public and International Affairs
  • Dr Dongshu LIU, Assistant Professor, Department of Public and International Affairs