Social Resilience and Public Law Lab


  • Dr Edmund CHENG, Associate Professor, Department of Public and International Affairs
  • Professor Guobin ZHU, Professor, School of Law


The lab aims to contribute to the comparative and inter-disciplinary scholarship of social resilience public law with a special focus on crisis response and recovery. It shall explore the theme from both domestic, international and comparative perspectives. Its objectives include:

  1. Investigate the societal reaction and governmental response against the background of polarization, conflict and uncertainty unfolding in different parts of the world;
  2. Examine the role of regulations and law in combatting emergencies and how the rule of law can be strengthened to provide guidance for social resilience and effective governance; and
  3. Adopt an international and comparative approach and an interdisciplinary methodology to produce evidence-based research to inform policy responses and law-based solutions to societal challenges.