About Us

Jointly established by the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS) and the School of Law (SLW), the Centre for Public Affairs and Law (CPAL) promotes world class research on interdisciplinary studies in social sciences and law disciplines related to public affairs. It builds knowledge using evidence-based approaches, big data and devising policy and law-based solutions to policy challenges.

Our Mission

  1. Construct a world class research centre on the interdisciplinary study of public affairs and law
  2. Promote scientific and interdisciplinary studies in social sciences and law to mitigate uncertainty and change
  3. Deliver evidence-based solutions to enhance diversity, resilience, and reconciliation in the Asia Pacific Region


The Centre will promote CityU to a local and international audience by delivering:

  1. Datasets (big data, observational survey and interview data, lab and survey experimental data) that can be used by academics and policy makers,
  2. Publication of research articles in world class journals
  3. Publication of policy papers for both local and international audiences
  4. Conferences with prominent international experts as keynote speakers