Name Position Email Tel. no. Office
Prof. LU Jian Director (NPMM & CASM),
Vice-President (Research and Technology),
Dean (Graduate Studies) and
Chair Professor of Mechanical Engineering (MNE)
Email address 3442-6847 CYC-5107
Prof. LIU C.T. Deputy Director (NPMM & CASM),
University Distinguished Professor (CENG)
Email address 3442-7213 AC1-B6507
Prof. HE Xiaoqiao Professor (ACE) Email address 3442-4760 AC1-B6401
Prof. KAI Ji Jung Chair Professor (MNE) Email address 3442-8071 AC1-P6314
Dr LU Yang Associate Professor (MNE) Email address 3442-4061 AC1-Y6613
Dr NIU Xinrui Associate Professor (MNE) Email address 3442-8432 AC1-P6420
Prof. WANG Xunli Head of Department and Chair Professor of Physics (PHY) Email address 3442-9140 AC1-G6717
Prof. YANG Yong Assistant Head and Professor (MNE) Email address 3442-9394 AC1-P6412
Prof. ZHANG Kaili Professor (MNE) Email address 3442-7845 AC1-B6616
Prof. Jacob C. Huang Executive Director (IAS),
Chair Professor (MNE & MSE)
Email address 3442-4722 AC1-P7726
Dr LI, Yangyang Associate Professor (MNE & MSE) Email address 3442-7810 AC1-G6705