Research Highlights
Design and Structure-activity Relationship of "Crystal-amorphous" Nano-dual-phase Aluminum Alloy Containing Noble Metal Elements based on Thermodynamic Calculation
Research Summary of Dr. Fan Zhanxi’s Group
Superlattice Alloy with Disordered Interfacial Nanolayers
Research Summary of Dr. YANG Tao's Group
Nanoparticle-strength High-entropy Alloys with Unprecedented Mechanical Properties
Additive Manufacturing of Heterogeneous Ti-Based Alloy
Novel Way to Quantify the Thermal and Non-thermal Effects in Plasmon-mediated Chemical Reactions
Understanding Complex Materials through Neutron Scattering
Research Summary of Professor Zhang Hua’s Group
Research Summary of Professor He Xiaoqiao’s Group
A Self-supported High-entropy Metallic Glass with Nanosponge Architecture for Efficient Hydrogen Evolution under Alkaline and Acidic Conditions
Breakthrough Research Heralds a New Diamond Age