Research Highlights
CityU achieves major breakthrough in highly efficient electrocatalyst for clean energy
Converting temperature fluctuations into clean energy with novel nanoparticles and heating strategy
A Self-supported High-entropy Metallic Glass with Nanosponge Architecture for Efficient Hydrogen Evolution under Alkaline and Acidic Conditions
Breakthrough Research Heralds a New Diamond Age
Surface Mechanical Attrition Treatment (SMAT)
Super-elastic High-entropy Elinvar Alloy Discovered with Potential for Aerospace Engineering
Supra-nano-dual-phase Nanostructured Materials
Au/Pt/Cr Microheater and Nanoenergetic Film Based Self-destruction Microchip
Study on Catalytic Properties of Disordered Alloys
Silver Needle based SERS(Surface-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy) Sensor
Design and Structure-activity Relationship of "Crystal-amorphous" Nano-dual-phase Aluminum Alloy Containing Noble Metal Elements based on Thermodynamic Calculation
Research Summary of Dr. Fan Zhanxi’s Group