Mr Adam Lau
Co-founder, Heycoins
Graduate of 2018

My gratitude and wish for alma mater


Only a few years after graduating from CityU’s China Business programme, Mr Adam Lau has already successfully expanded his newly established business beyond Hong Kong to Macau and Singapore. Currently, he is working with Hong Kong SAR government and other leading corporations on collaboration and operation of other innovative projects.

Grateful to alma mater’s support on starting a business

When looking back on his university days, Adam expressed gratitude to the alma mater for offering him plenty of opportunities to explore new things. In addition, CityU’s internationalised learning environment has inspired him to know himself better and unleash his potential. He indicated that he actually got the inspiration of starting his own business from his fellow students who came from various countries. “They gave me a lot of spare coins when they left Hong Kong to return to their hometowns, and I found that it was really not easy to dispose of all those nickels and dimes,” he said. Knowing that other people might have the same problem, he worked with some friends and try to set up a feasible business model for collecting and re-using coins.

Adam’s company signs a memorandum of understanding for collaboration with a Macao company at the Macao International Trade and Investment Fair.

Adam has never thought of giving up when faced with difficulties during the journey of setting up his business. He was grateful to CityU’s teachers and experts for their encouragement and assistance. “They often offered me valuable advice such as how to write a concise and effective proposal and how to explain briefly and clearly the main points of a proposal to arouse my clients’ interest in my products and services. They also shared without reservation their experience and views about the development trend and the way to do business in China. Their advice was very useful to me in the initial stage of my business development.”

Helping students to chase dreams via donations to CityU

After graduation, Adam joined with his fellow graduates to donate to the alma mater, with the objective of promoting the caring culture and bringing more resources for CityU. They hoped that their contributions could help younger students to better equip themselves and achieve their career goals or even start their own business in future. “I believe that the fundraising campaign ‘United, We Soar’ could attract more alumni to support the alma mater to further enhance students’ development. I’m proud of being a CityU member and will definitely continue to move forward with the University,” he said earnestly.

Users can convert spare coins into digital money to top up their e-wallets via Heycoins Kiosks developed by Adam’s team.