Research Project

1. General Research Fund (GRF), University Grants Committee, Hong Kong (Project no. 9042869), Investigation on critical heat flux enhancement with nanocoated surface under different orientation
2. Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF), Innovation and Technology Commission, Hong Kong (Project no. 9440215), Advanced model reference thermal sensing technique for detecting rusty gas pipes embedded inside concrete walls
3. Hong Kong-Guangzhou Technology and Innovation Partnership Programme, Guangzhou Science & Technology and Innovation Commission (Project no. 201907010007), Radioactive material dose intensity assessment model and radiation monitoring system development
4. Project no. TDG19A008, Artificial intelligence in medicine: virtual immunohistochemistry
5. Project no. 7005264, Brain electrical and biomolecular mechanisms underlying sound hypersensitivity
6. Project no. 9667184, Rapid multi-stain digital system for histology based on machine learning
7. Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF, Project no. 9440248), Developing liquid diode based medical tube
8. National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC, 31771083, R-IND3006), Liquid/liquid triboelectric nanogenerator
9. University Research Council (GRF 11219219, CityU 9042872) Developing novel triboelectric nanogenerators with slippery liquid interfaces
10. Contract Research, Joined Research program with 中國科學院合肥物質科學院
11. Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF, 9440175, Integrated system of advanced thermal nano technologies (TNT) for energy-efficient air conditioning and clean Indoor air: Part1-Energy efficiency)
12. Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Council (Phase change materials: from basic research to practical applications, JCYJ2O 170413141208098)
13. University Research Council (GRF 11217518, CityU 9042673), Developing novel topological liquid diodes with superior transport and antifouling properties
14. University Research Council (Collaborative Research Grant, C101817G, CityU 8730049), Bio inspired surface engineering for phase change heat transfer: From fundamental understanding to practical applications
15. University Research Council (GRF 11218417, CityU 9042533), Rectifying directional liquid transport for the thermal diode application using the bio-inspired approach
16. Contract Research (Project no. R IND4804), Experimental study of electro explosive device based on high thermal resistance polymer microheater and energetic material
17. Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Council (Project no. JCYJ0160428154522334) Investigation on highly reliable micro electro-explosive devices with low energy consumption
18. GRF (Project no. CityU 11338016) Controllable synthesis and lithium storage performance of grapheme network@mesoporous carbon integrated with nano silicon and metal oxides