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By Jason JIANG (Lee Shau Kee Hall)

The new semester has begun! It’s time to meet new friends!

We have nearly 240 exchange students from various regions living in our Student Residence in Sem B, including 45 staying a whole year and 193 new exchange students coming for Sem B only. We also have about 250 new local residents moving in this semester.

If you are a current or returning resident, it is time to show your enthusiasm and hospitality to new residents and help them to get used to hall life as soon as possible. Show them around in the Student Residence and tell them of the important sites such as Homey Kitchen, Student Residence Office (SRO), and so on. Tell them about the use of Multi-function Halls A, B and C, the residence life policies and hall rules, how to use the Laundry Room and Common Room in their Hall, how to call a delivery, the meanings of abbreviations such as RA (Residents’ Association), RT (Residence Tutor) etc. These are easy ways to make friends with new residents.

If you are a new resident and want to adjust to the new environment as soon as possible, connect with others through communication and interaction.

If you are a current resident, you may ask: “New residents are coming and going every semester. What do they have to do with me?” Exchange students may think: “I am here for only one semester. What do local residents have to do with me?”

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It is true that most of us can meet each other only during this semester, for around 120 days. But it is a blessing for us to live together in the Student Residence. The Buddha said that it took us 500 hundred years of sandhana in prelife to pass by each other once in this life. Meeting everyone in your current life is a blessing coming from your hard work in your past life.

Three years of university life are short but unique in your life. But one semester is long enough to start a life-long friendship. So cherish every moment and make full use of your time with each other in the Student Residence!