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By Angela LIU (Chan Sui Kau Hall)

Maybe it is the last word we want to hear in December, but it is the word surrounding us for the whole month ---- Finals! Don’t panic when you hear the word, because the Student Residence will help you cope with all the challenges. Bear the following tips in mind, and you will make your revision easy and efficient.

1. Study with Concentration:

A quiet environment enables you to concentrate on your study without being interrupted. You need a place away from computer games, noisy music and chatting. Multi-function Hall A and Hall B will be reserved as your study areas during the revision and examination periods. They are open every day from 9:00 am to 2:00 am. They will not only provide you with a quiet environment but also help you save the time spent on your way to the campus library.

2. Study with Communication:

There goes a saying, “Two heads are better than one.” Discussing the questions you come across with your classmates will make your study more efficient. Your Hall’s Residents’ Association knows your needs. They will organise study groups according to major, letting residents in the same major pool their ideas to solve problems. Everyone will contribute to, and more importantly, gain from others through this study group setting. The RAs will also organise cheering gatherings, offering you desserts or healthy snacks when you feel dry with your study.

4. Study with Good Health:

Good health maintains good functioning of your brain, and that’s why you can generate ideas and process information.  To keep healthy, you need a balanced and nutritious diet. Homey Kitchen cares for your health and spirit. They will organise an examination energizer party and offer you free food during the revision period. You will get a free piece of fruit when you eat lunch there.

5.Study with a Positive Mind

We all know exams bring stress and pressure.  But being depressed and worried about the exams all the time will only undermine your spirit and thus impede your study progress, while having self-confidence will brighten your life and help you survive difficulties. “Yes, I can!” You can say it to yourself all the time. With an optimistic mentality, your study will be easier and more efficient.

Encouragement is also essential to building up your confidence, and of course, the Student Residence knows this. Study rooms, discussion groups, free cheering food - what the residence will offer you will not only directly add to your professional knowledge, but also cheer your spirit. It is the sunshine during the revision and exam periods, lighting up your life and warming your heart.