A Special Cure for Exam Panic




By Gaargi SHARMA (Alumni Civility Hall)

Examinations! Whoops! Did I just mention a term that you were not prepared
to read? With just less than two weeks before the exams, ¡¥exam fever¡¦ will
be the new virus. The Library and the Multi-functional Halls in the Student Residence will soon become the new "hangout spots".

Here are some tips to help you to study effectively:
1. Mind-maps: They are an effective and time-saving tool for brainstorming. You start with one topic and make a list of all the important terms in that topic. Do not forget to connect them in a ¡§network¡¨. Yes, it is the easiest way of generating and retaining ideas. Better than reading loads of pages in a jiffy!

2. Diagrams: This is an effective way to memorize correlated processes by drawing flowcharts to represent each step. Something similar to the ¡¥water cycle¡¦ that you studied in the primary school! Trust me. It works!

3. Mnemonics: You can construct little rhymes (go back to your kindergarten times!) or associate terms with a special object in your memory. For instance, ¡§OIL-RIG,¡¨ meaning Oxidation ILoss, Reduction IGain (of electrons), is a popular chemistry mnemonic, according to thinkquest.org. Go there for more or make up a few yourselves.

4. Skim through: Don¡¦t have enough time? Skim through the notes. Chances are that you¡¦ll remember the stuff you ought to. This is a last minute, night-before-theexam aid or a way to recollect and retain what the ¡§early starters¡¨ have learnt!

5. Take a shower: Tired of reading? Nothing breaks this monotony like a cool shower! Go and take a shower if you want to! Let the flowing water take away all the stress ;)

Exam fever is a virus that can grip anyone. Let it NOT grip you,
because we have just given you all the required anti-biotics!
Add oil and energize yourself!