Information for Participants


Registration Form

Participants must register by submitting the Registration Form together with the registration fee to Ms Vivian Tsoi, School of Law, City University of Hong Kong (CityU) by registered mail on or before 25 March 2016. It is preferable that this can be done prior to the distribution of the problem on 15 March 2016.

Registration Fee and Team Size

When registering for participating in the International ADR Mooting Competition, each participating team shall pay a registration fee of HK$7,500. A team may be composed of THREE to SIX students and a coach.

Payment Date

Payment of the registration fee of HK$7,500 must be made. Bankdraft [original] / cheque [original] must be sent together with the Registration Form by registered mail by 25 March 2016.


Accommodation of Teams

Accommodation in the Student Residence of City University of Hong Kong (CityU) is available at a cost of HK$400 (subject to change) per night for a double room (equipped with two single beds for two persons of the same gender). Our check-in date is 5 July 2016 (after 2:00 pm) and check-out date is 10 July 2016 (before 12:00 noon). Room booking is subject to a first-come-first-served basis. Reservations should be made by completing the Registration Form which should be submitted by 25 March 2016 (Please refer to the Registration Form - Accommodation part for details). Once confirmation is given, the payment will need to be settled (either by bankdraft or by cheque, in Hong Kong Dollars, payable to "City University of Hong Kong") and sent to Ms Vivian Tsoi, School of Law, City University of Hong Kong (CityU) by registered mail on or before 29 April 2016. For information of the Student Residence of CityU, please click here.

Team Contact Person

The Registration Form includes space for the name and email address of the Team Contact Person. The Team Contact Person can be the University Coach or a member of the team itself.

The Team Contact Person will be sent:

  1. the team's individual Team Number;
  2. information relating to accommodation (if applicable) and transport in the place of competition;
  3. any other relevant organizational materials; and
  4. results of the moot.

The Team Contact Person is expected to:

  1. have email and Internet access;
  2. check the moot website and email frequently, particularly as the oral rounds approach; and
  3. be responsible for efficiently distributing all mooting materials to the team members.

Communication between the team and the organizers through anyone other than the Team Contact Person is at the risk of the team.


Requests for interpretation of the rules may be addressed to the Moot Director. All interpretations as well as any waivers, consents or other decisions concerning the moot competition are in the sole discretion of the Moot Director. There is no right of appeal from the decisions of the Moot Director.


Participants from most of the countries can get visa on arrival. However, according to Hong Kong Immigration participants from certain countries are required to obtain visa in advance. Those participants should apply for visa in April (latest). If they need any supporting letter then we can issue such letters on request for their visa application. For more information about visa process and requirements, please refer to the website of the Immigration Department of the HKSAR Government at


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