UGC Academic Quality Audit 2016

The UGC, in its first round of QAC quality audits, established that the UGC-funded institutions had in place effective quality assurance systems for the maintenance of provision at the level of programmes and faculties, and institutional oversight of the academic standards of higher education qualifications. The second cycle offers opportunity to build on this established base to take forward priorities for quality enhancement and sector-wide development.

The Audit Panel evaluates the University in terms of:
  • the setting and maintaining of academic standards
  • the quality of student learning opportunities
  • student achievement
  • postgraduate provision
  • quality enhancement

UGC Audit Report (English)(Chinese)
Institutional Response to Audit Findings (English)(Chinese)
University Announcement (English)(Chinese)
Progress Report (English)(Chinese), Addendum to the Progress Report (Available in English only)
Internal Resources for Audit Preparation