Student Profile Survey (SPS) aims at collecting socio-economic background information of newly admitted bachelor's degree and associate degree students and their learning habits prior to entrance to the University. Read More The information is required by the University Grants Committee's annual Data Collection Exercise. The survey is conducted at the start of academic year from end of August to early October.
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Student Learning Experience Survey (SLES) is designed for bachelor’s and associate degree students to self-evaluate their learning experience and their progress made in achievement of learning/graduate outcomes. Read More

Information collected will help the University

  • to gain a better understanding of the learning experience of students and
  • to develop plans for continuous improvement, with the objective of enriching the quality of student learning
SLES is conducted near the end of semester B for better reflecting students’ learning experience and satisfaction in the academic year.
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The Graduate Employment Survey (GES) aims to collect information on the employment status and destination of full-time graduates after their graduation. The survey is conducted annually by the Career and Leadership Centre of Student Development Services.

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Teaching & Learning Questionnaire (TLQ) is a 10-question survey to collect student feedback for every course taught. Feedback will help to improve academic quality.

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