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Course Packs / Compilation of Photocopied Extracts from Copyrighted Works

To facilitate course instructors in compiling photocopied extracts from copyrighted works, the following procedures have been developed based on the License Agreement signed between the University and the Hong Kong Reprographic Rights Licensing Society (HKRRLS), the organization responsible for licensing copyrighted materials in Hong Kong.


  1. Copyright Clearance
    Before making a request for copyright clearance, instructors are advised to check whether the electronic version of the copyrighted works are already available online through Library subscription. If yes, they are encouraged to provide links to these resources from Canvas for students’ online access. If copyright clearance is required, instructors should check whether the copyrighted works could be included in a Course Pack.

    All Course Packs shall ONLY be used for (a) instruction by CityU’s instructors; and (b) distribution to CityU’s students for teaching, learning, discussion or classroom use in relation to any Course of Study provided by CityU.

  2. Coverage Extent of a Course Pack
    The License issued by the HKRRLS stipulates the types of materials and the amount for any one single Course Pack:

    1. Copies of extracts from up to THIRTY (30) copyrighted works can be included. However, only one Course Pack, plus sufficient copies of that Course Pack for distribution to instructors and students, shall be made in relation to the same Course of Study, Each CityU’s instructor and student shall ONLY receive one (1) set with respect to the same Course Pack.
    2. With respect to a newspaper, journal or periodical issue, no more than ONE (1) complete article of any length from that issue of newspaper, journal or periodical issue can be included in any one academic year;
    3. With respect to any other copyrighted works other than newspapers, journals or periodicals, no more than TEN PERCENT (10%) or one CHAPTER of a copyrighted work, whichever covers the smaller portion of the work, can be included in any one academic year.
  3. Determination of the License Fee

    1. License fee will NOT be incurred for materials with copyright owned by instructors themselves or materials from instructors to students such as course details, grading criteria, assignments, reading list. Materials subject to license fees include the following:
      i. Materials licensed from HKRRLS Fees need to be paid to HKRRLS
      ii. Materials excluded from the HKRRLS License Agreement (Schedule II & IV) HKRRLS will not handle the copyright clearance of these materials. Instructors need to clear the copyright with the respective copyright owners directly.
    2. The HKRRLS charges HK$0.9 and HK$0.95 per page per copy of the original copyrighted work in 2019 and 2020 respectively within a reproduction limit of 10%. The rate will be much higher if 10% limit (per Section 2c above) and/or more than 30 copied works (per Section 2a above) is exceeded. The final rate will be subject to further negotiation with the HKRRLS.
  4. Completion of the Copyright Clearance Form
    Download the Copyright Clearance Form and return it to the Library. On behalf of the instructors, Library staff will obtain a reference number from the HKRRLS and ask for the incurred license fee for instructor’s consideration. HKRRLS will normally confirm the application result with fee about ten (10) business days AFTER our submission.

  5. Course Pack Fee Collection
    If the license fee for the Course Pack is acceptable, instructors or their delegates may add the printing cost to come up with the total cost for the Course Pack and contact Finance Office – Treasury Unit by sending email to to obtain a bank account for students to pay the Course Pack fee before a deadline. Cash payment will not be entertained.

  6. Making Copies
    Upon receipt of orders from students, instructors or their delegates are reminded that copies can only be made by CityU staff within CityU premises. Instructors may contact CityU Press for paid printing services if deemed necessary. To comply with the License Agreement, a cover page for each Course is required, with a notice setting out the date of making the copies, the names of the authors, the names of the publishers, the titles of the licensed materials and the publication year, together with the wordings specified by the HKRRLS. Please refer to the attached sample page

  7. Payment of License Fee to the HKRRLS
    To facilitate payment process and to comply with the HKRRLS’s requirement, Instructors or their delegates should complete the Quarterly Report on Course Packs and return it to the Library according to the following time schedule. The quarterly report should be certified with departmental green chop or signed off by Budget Controller or his/her delegate and it will be used as supporting document for Finance Office to arrange payment to the HKRRLS.

    For the period from Deadline for submission
    October to December By the 5th of the following January
    January to March By the 5th of the following April
    April to June By the 5th of the following July
    July to September By the 5th of the following October


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