Free Registration for Alumni e-Resources Service

Our University is most delighted to stay in touch with the alumni and be kept updated with their contact details and also their development both in employment and further studies. To show our appreciation of the alumni's support in updating their alumni records, the Library is offering remote access to selected library electronic resources FREE OF CHARGE for 12 months to those alumni who inform the University of their latest status.

While subscription to this free service can be renewed, it does NOT include access to the Run Run Shaw Library in person.

Application / Renewal Methods

(1) Online Application or Renewal

  • Log in to AIMS with your Electronic ID and Password and then update/confirm your personal particulars

(2) Application or Renewal by Fax or Mail

  • Download an Alumni Update form and send the completed form to Alumni Relations Office (ARO) by fax or post.

All alumni have to accept the Conditions of Use when they register for the free alumni e-resources service. Please note that all Alumni Library Services, including the “Free Registration for Alumni Library Services”, are privileges but not rights. The Library reserves the right not to approve and/or renew any applications for library services by any individual based on his or her past conduct in the Library and to maintain that restriction for as long as deemed appropriate by the Library.

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