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Welcome to the Law Collection and Services Section of the Run Run Shaw Library!

The Law Collection, established in 1988, consists of over 125,000 volumes of law reports, statutes, periodicals and monographs. It also features two special collections, namely, the English Law Special Collection and Chinese Legal History Special Collection. Also available are a variety of electronic and non-print legal materials. The Section is located in the Purple Zone of the Library and has about 450 seats. There are meeting rooms for faculty members and students. The Section is equipped with different kinds of workstations, network printers and photocopier. Users can access to various wireless LAN services.

Arrangement of the Law Collection

Collections in the Quick Reference Area

The major Hong Kong and UK reference materials are shelved in Quick Reference Area Stack A-D:

Hong Kong Law - Stack A-B

  1. Case laws and legal encyclopaedias - Stack B:
    • Addison's Digest of Hong Kong Civil Case Law
    • Addison's Digest of Hong Kong Criminal Case Law
    • Basic Law & Human Rights Bulletin
    • Consolidated Index to All Reported Hong Kong Decisions
    • District Court Law Reports
    • Halsbury's Laws of Hong Kong
    • Hong Kong Case Citator
    • Hong Kong Cases
    • Hong Kong Conveyancing and Property Reports
    • Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal Reports
    • Hong Kong Criminal Law Reports
    • Hong Kong Current Law
    • Hong Kong Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents
    • Hong Kong Family Law Reports
    • Hong Kong Inland Revenue Board of Review Decisions
    • Hong Kong Lands Tribunal Law Reports
    • Hong Kong Law Digest
    • Hong Kong Law Reports
    • Hong Kong Law Reports and Digest
    • Hong Kong Law Reports Consolidated Index
    • Hong Kong Law Yearbook
    • Hong Kong Public Law Reports
    • Hong Kong Tax Cases
    • 香港中文判案書與英譯本彙編 Hong Kong Chinese Law Reports & Translations

    Unreported judgments of Hong Kong (1977-2002), Criminal Appeals Bulletin and Monthly Digest [of unreported judgments] 1985-1996 are shelved at stack D.

  2. Statute laws - Stack A & B:
    • The Laws of Hong Kong, current legal supplements of the Government of the HKSAR Gazette (Stack A)
    • Annotated Ordinances of Hong Kong (Stack B)
    • Reports of the Meetings of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong (Stack B)
    • 香港立法會會議過程記錄 (Stack B)

English Law - Stack C:

  • Atkin's Court Forms
  • Current Law Statutes Annotated (Library's copy updated to 2011)
  • Current Law Year Book / Monthly Digest / Legislation Citators / Case Citator (Library's copy updated to 2011)
  • Digest, The
  • Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents
  • Halsbury's Laws of England
  • Halsbury's Statutes of England and Wales (Library's copy updated to 2014)


Stack E: English legal dictionaries, Chinese legal dictionaries, general dictionaries

Law Books

Law books are kept in the shelving area adjacent to the Library entrance/exit, rows 1-12A. They are arranged by the Library of Congress Classification Scheme. An outline of the scheme for law materials and their designated shelves are as follows:

LC class Subject Book shelves near the Library entrance / exit
JX International Law (see also KZ) 1
K Law (General) 1-3
KD Law of the United Kingdom and Ireland 3-6
KE Law of Canada 6
KF Law of the United States 6-7
KJ-KKZ Law of Europe 7
KLA-KLW Law of Eurasia 7
KM-KPW Law of Asia 7
KNN Law of China (Pre-PRC) 7#
KNP Law of Taiwan 7-8
KNQ Law of the PRC 8-10
KNR & KYQ Law of Hong Kong 10-11
KQ-KTZ Law of Africa 11
KU & KYT Law of Australia and New Zealand 11
KZ International Law (see also JX) 11-12

# More books on the Pre-PRC Chinese law are kept in the Chinese Legal History Special Collection.

Statutes and Law Reports

They are kept at the Law Collection and Services Section electronic compact shelves, Stack no. 23–28.

The law reports of multi-jurisdictions are shelved alphabetically by title preceding the statutes / law reports of single-jurisdiction, which are shelved alphabetically by jurisdiction, then subdivided in this order:

  1. Legal encyclopaedias, digests, citators, etc. - arranged alphabetically by title
  2. Statutes - arranged alphabetically by title
  3. Law reports - arranged alphabetically by title. For each title with subscription, the current issues are shelves after the past issues

A note on the print version of the law reports. Some law reports with online versions are kept at Library’s Shatin Storage. To access the online version, search in the CityU LibraryFind and follow the hyperlink of the respective title to use it. If the print version is still preferred, go to the cataloguing record of the print law report, click on the “Request” button and select the issues required. They will be transferred back to the Kowloon Tong campus. Pick up is at the Circulation Counter.

Law Periodicals & Yearbooks

English language materials
Past issues in bound volume are kept in the shelving area adjacent to the Library entrance/exit, rows 12B-14. They are arranged in alphabetical order of the title. Current issues are kept in the periodical racks located near the photocopier.

Chinese language materials
Past issues of Chinese law journals in bound volumes are kept in the shelving area adjacent to the library entrance/exit, rows 12A-14.They are arranged by stroke number of the title. Current issues are kept in the periodical racks located near the photocopier.

Print law journals and yearbooks with online version are kept at the Shatin Storage. To use the online version, search the journal in the CityU LibraryFind and follow the hyperlink to use it. If the print version is required, look it up in the CityU LibraryFind, go to the cataloguing record, and click the “Request” button there. The journal issue you selected will be transferred back to the Kowloon Tong campus. Pick up is at the Circulation Counter.

Media Resources

There are about 500 titles of non-print materials, covering a diverse range of legal subjects from advocacy, civil evidence to international mooting. They are kept in the Media Resources Collection or the Shatin Storage.

Course Reserves

Essential reading materials recommended by teachers for particular courses are placed in the Semi-closed Collection. They bear the location code “Reserve (Semi-closed)” on the CityU LibraryFind and are available for use for 5 hours, 1 day or 3 days.

CityU Examination Papers, Dissertations and Theses

CityU examination papers are kept in the Semi-closed Collection; the online version is accessible by current CityU staff and students from the Library home page under "Quick Links: CityU Exam Papers". For PCLL or LLM (Renmin University) examination papers, please refer to the “Law & Reference Help Desk” section of this Guide.

The Library also keeps CityU research postgraduate and professional doctorate degree theses, as well as selected CityU taught postgraduate degree dissertations. The print copies are housed in the Reference/Research Collections Room on 2/F of the Library. To look up the online dissertations and theses, search in the CityU LibraryFind or access the CityU Theses Online website.

Special Collections

The English Law Special Collection, established in 1987, aims to promote academic and research interest in the history of English and Commonwealth legal systems and the Anglo-American legal culture. The Collection consists of about 1,800 volumes with a significant number of titles published from the 16th Century to the 19th Century. It is located in the Shatin Storage.

The Chinese Legal History Special Collection, launched in May 1998, aims to serve as a resource base for academic study and research on Chinese legal history. It consists of more than 3,200 volumes of books. The scope of the Collection is pre-1949 Chinese law. Its focus is on the period from the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) to the Republic (1912-1949) with geographical emphasis on Hong Kong, Macau and Guangdong Province. This collection is kept at the Law Collection and Services Section.

To use the law special collections, please enquire at the Law & Reference Help Desk.

A Note on the Location

As can be seen from the previous paragraphs, although the Law Collection is kept in the different places of the Library, it is mainly housed in Law Collection and Services Section. To check the whereabouts of an item, always search it in the CityU LibraryFind, and pay attention to the "Location" information given in the record.

Less frequently used law books, media resources, bound periodicals with electronic equivalents are housed in the Shatin Storage and they have the location code "Shatin Storage " on the CityU LibraryFind. To use these materials, click "Request" on the CityU LibraryFind. They will be transferred back to the campus for the requester to pick up from the Circulation Counter.

Law Electronic Resources

Legal Database Subscriptions

The Library subscribes to 22 online and 14 CD-ROM legal databases. The databases include statutes, law reports, digests, forms, practice notes, drafting aids, law reviews, journal indexes and other secondary sources. A list of the electronic legal databases with details on coverage and access is available here.

Here are some highlights of our subscriptions:
(The database location is included in parentheses at the end of each title)

Electronic Books / Journals

Our electronic resources also include numerous electronic law books and law journals. To see a list of law e-journals, please access here. E-journals and e-books are searchable and accessible via the CityU LibraryFind. The majority of them can be used on campus and remotely.

Useful Internet resources on law have been selected and put on the Library's Law Collection web page.

The web page helps extend the library resources and serves as a gateway to global legal information. You can find links to a wide range of Internet legal information. Here are some highlights from the web page.

And more ...

Services and Facilities

Law & Reference Help Desk

The Help Desk provides information and reference enquiry services to users, including reference services related to the use of the Law Collection.

Also, frequently used materials, are kept behind the Desk. These include selected law periodicals, Hong Kong, UK and PRC law reference tools. The purpose is to ensure that the materials in high demand are always available to users. Users can obtain those materials by depositing their CityU ID Card or valid library ticket. For those who want to make copy of the loose-leaf volumes, including the Laws of Hong Kong, library staff will remove the pages from the binder at the Desk. Users should not open the binder themselves.

Also kept at the Desk are examination papers of these two academic programmes: Postgraduate Certificate in Laws, Master of Laws (leading to Renmin University of China award). They are strictly for students in those two programmes only.

Please note, books of circulating nature are borrowed and returned at the Circulation Counter, not the Law & Reference Help Desk. Users may also use the self-check machines and book drops when the Circulation Counter is not open.

Library Orientation and Workshops

Orientation sessions are organized for new law students to help them make effective use of the Library. There are other specific law library workshops which show students how to use law databases, navigate a variety of resources on a specific topic, or assist with individual instruction for research on a topic. Library orientation is also arranged for new faculty members to highlight our teaching and research support services. To schedule an individual consultation or a classroom instructional session and/or library tour, please contact the Law Collection and Services Section Head.

Law library training schedules and further details are available here.

The Library also organizes Information Skills Workshops to equip students with basic library and research skills. Check it out here.

User Guides

The Law Collection and Services Section compiles different user guides to help users get better understanding of legal materials. There are guides about finding law of particular jurisdiction, Students’ Guide to Legal Materials of Hong Kong, Students’ Guide to Legal Materials of the United Kingdom and Students’ Guide to Legal Materials of the People’s Republic of China. There are also guides on locating important legal subject matters, such as Alternative Dispute Resolution, Civil Procedure and Civil Justice Reform, Corporate Law, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Finding Law Journal Articles, Maritime Law. Print copies of these guides are available from the Law & Reference Help Desk. Electronic version can be accessed from the Research Guides web site.

Other Library Services

In addition to those mentioned above, there is a wide range of other services from interlibrary loans (requesting materials from other libraries), JULAC Card (for visiting other UGC libraries) to services for users with disabilities. Explore those services here.

PC Workstations

The Law Collection and Services Section provides PC workstations for accessing library subscribed electronic resources and the CityU LibraryFind.

You can also find PC workstations in other parts of the Library: the Oval and Information Space. To learn about the usage policy and booking procedures, go to the Library Facilities website, and select “Computers and Equipment”.

Photocopying and Printing Facilities

Photocopiers and color printers are available in the Law Collection and Services Section. More can be found in other parts of the Library. All photocopiers are operated by Octopus Card. While the printers in the Law Collection and Services Section provide Octopus Card-operated Fast Printing Service only, the Oval and Information Space offers Quota Controlled Fast Print Queue Service as well as Octopus Card-operated Fast Printing Service. Users are reminded not to infringe copyright while printing and making photocopies.

Discussion Rooms

Discussion rooms are available in the Law Collection and Services Section for law students to work on group projects and mooting preparation. Booking of these rooms is made at the Law & Reference Help Desk.

The Library also provides individual study carrels and group study rooms for all students. To obtain further information about these rooms, visit Library Facilities website, and select “Study Carrels” or “Group Study Rooms”.