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Continuing Professional Education

Continuing Professional Education

The Jockey Club College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences (the "College") has gained a reputation for being a valuable provider of continuing professional education (CPE) in Hong Kong. Recognising that different veterinarians have different needs, the College provides a variety of CPE events to serve the needs of the community. These range from hands-on wet labs, workshops, seminars and even webinars. We maintain an innovative and collaborative approach in order to deliver high quality programmes that give you several options to keep yourself updated and at the cutting edge of your chosen field.

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Upcoming CPE Events

Date Topic
14 January 2019 Seminar on Anaesthesia

For the tentative list of future events, please see:
- CPE calendar 2018-2019


Past CPE Programmes

Topic Day Month Year
One Health Seminar Series: Food Safety and Veterinary Public Health - Past, Present and Future 5 Dec 2018
Canine mast cell tumours: just take it easy! & Cytology: how to be successful - 12 practical tips 4 Dec 2018
Feline Medicine Webinar: Lecture Series 3 - Diarrhoea In Kittens 20 Nov 2018
CityU Centre of Animal Welfare presents Animal Behaviour and Welfare Series 6 to 8 Nov 2018
Animal Abuse: Identification and knowing what to do 24 Oct 2018
Veterinary radiology interactive case interpretation: Using cases to learn important principles of interpretation 20 Sep 2018
Veterinary Education Series: Sharpen your Clinical Thinking 28 & 29 Aug 2018
Feline Medicine Webinar: Lecture Series 2 - Diabetes mellitus in the cat 21 Aug 2018
Approach to cats with lower urinary tract diseases 20 Jul 2018
Lecture Series on Laboratory Animals Science 4 Jul 2018
CityU VDL presents: How to get the most out of your veterinary diagnostic laboratory 27 Jun 2018
Corneal pathology: Medical and surgical management, and the latest advances in both 20 Jun 2018
Dealing with clients' complaints 14 Jun 2018
Symmetric dimethylarginine (SDMA) - The New Renal Biomaker 29 May 2018
Feline Medicine Webinar: Lecture Series 1- Triaditis introduction 22 May 2018
Diagnosis and Treatment of Canine Atopic Dermatitis – from the past to the future
17 May 2018
Veterinary Laboratory Techniques Series: Blood Analysis - make it perfect 9 & 16 May 2018
Animal Welfare in the Veterinary Clinic (Session 2)
Animal welfare & ethics in practical context
2 May 2018
Animal Welfare in the Veterinary Clinic (Session 1)
Animal welfare - beyond good and bad animal health
10 Apr 2018
Emergency and Critical Care Workshop: ACVECC Certified CPR course 20 Jan 2018
Lecture Series on Pathology of Laboratory Animals 13 & 15 Dec 2017
Basic Ultrasonography techniques for the General Practitioner 7-8 Nov 2017
Waterworks matters - A practical workshop looking at the diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract disease 31 Oct 2017
New Zealand’s Animal Welfare Strategy 25 Oct 2017
A Visit to the Veterinary Mind Temple: What is new and helping us understand Veterinary Mental Health 16 Oct 2017
Demodex in Dogs: Is the Long Party Finally Over? 18 Sept 2017
Management of Addisonian Crisis 5 Sept 2017
Practical Haematology Workshop 29 Aug 2017
How Endoscopic Surgery can help your practice 23 Aug 2017
THE ITCHY INFECTED SKIN - An interactive, case-based seminar on Sarcoptes, atopy and pyoderma 22 Aug 2017
A holistic case - based approach to Clinical Pathology results interpretation 18 Jul 2017
Infection Control in a Clinic 6 Apr 2017
Small Animal and Equine Orthopaedic Workshops 28-31 Mar 2017
Small Animal Ultrasound Workshop 25-26 Mar 2017
Antimicrobial Resistance - Current evidence gaps for informed public health risk management 1 Mar 2017
Endodontics: Good health comes from within 28 Feb 2017
Current and future swine breeding management 13 Feb 2017
Time to Act: Decisions for Emergency Surgery 25-26 Jan 2017
Feline Cognitive Dysfunction 10 Jan 2017
Host switching of herpesviruses - species specificity is no more 6 Jan 2017
Eleven metre baleen whale species not recognised until the end of the 20th century 7 Dec 2016
Workshop in Monitoring Veterinary Anaesthesia 30 Nov 2016
Wet Lab in Veterinary Local Anaesthesia 29 Nov 2016
Keeping your eye in - A seminar in companion animal ophthalmology 7 Nov 2016
Antimicrobial Resistance – A Global Epidemic 31 Oct 2016
CKD in cats and its management 29 Sept 2016
Chemotherapy in Veterinary General Practice 12 Sept 2016
How to be a Veterinarian AND be happy? 7 Jun 2016
FLUTD and its management 26 May 2016
Fundamentals of Anaesthesia for Nurses and Technicians (Group B) 14, 21, 28 Apr 2016
Fundamentals of Anaesthesia for Nurses and Technicians 10, 17, 23 Mar 2016
Wet Lab in Veterinary Ophthalmology 19 Feb 2016
Ophthalmology in Small Animal Practice 18 Feb 2016
What makes a cat a cat, and how to set up a cat friendly practice? 28 Jan 2016
Small Animal Veterinary Toxicology 26 Nov 2015
Abdominal Exploration: How to do it right 11 Nov 2015
Critical Care Wet Laboratory 4-5 Nov 2015
"One Health" MRSA 27 Oct 2015
The Economics of Transboundary Disease Control: Case Studies of FMD Planning in the United States and New Zealand 31 Aug 2015
Emergency & Critical Care Workshop 1-2 Jun 2015
Stress Management Workshop: The Veterinary Profession as an Illustration 7 May 2015
Where do emerging diseases come from? - A One Health Lecture 31 Mar 2015
AOVET Course - Advances in Equine Fracture Management 24-27 Mar 2015
An Excellent Opportunity for Hands-on Orthopaedic Surgery Workshop 6-7 Oct 2014
Veterinary Continuing Education in Cytology and Oncology 28-29 Aug 2014
AOVET Course - Principles in Equine Fracture Management 25-28 Mar 2014
4th South China Small Animal Veterinary Conference 11-13 Dec 2013
International Animal Welfare Symposium 21-22 Nov 2013
Pathology of Forensic Animal Welfare Cases 20 Nov 2013
Mini-Conference in Small Animal Geriatric Care 6-8 Nov 2013
Orthopaedic Seminar 1 Nov 2013
Surgical Evenings For Veterinary Surgeons and Assistants 30 Sep 2013
1-2 Oct 2013
IACUC/AEC training programme 2-3 May 2013
Equine Colic and Abdominal Surgery Symposium 27-29 Mar 2013
Seminar for Vet Nurses 12-13 Mar 2013
Treating Lymphoma in Dogs and Cats 4 Mar 2013
Veterinary Imaging & Cardiology Seminar 21 Feb 2013
Hands On Ultrasound Workshop 18-20 Feb 2013
Conference in Small Animal Practice 26-28 Nov 2012
PAVC Cardiology Seminar 14-16 Mar 2012
Asian Equine Upper Airway Symposium 11-13 Jan 2012
Treating Heart Disease in the Dog: Now and Next 26 Aug 2010
One-Health Workshop 10 Dec 2009