Ongoing projects

Economic and Trade Cooperation Zones Along Belt and Road Workshop Series (一帶一路海外工業園區工作坊), Professional Services Advancement Support Scheme (PASS) funded by The Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, HKSAR Government
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CSHK on Covid-19
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Hong Kong Insolvency and Restructuring Law and Policy in Times of COVID-19 and Beyond (香港破產重組法例及政策: 新型冠狀病毒疫情的挑戰及展望將來)
With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of insolvency filings by otherwise economically viable firms globally is expected to rise significantly. While Hong Kong’s restructuring regime has served it well through the Asian financial crisis of 1997 and the global financial crisis of 2008, it cannot be assumed that it will work through the COVID-19 crisis. This research aims to study how insolvency law can be used to address the economic crisis from businesses facing defaults and promote or impede its development as an IFC. We gather the necessary social data, bring comparative analysis that is contextualised to Hong Kong, and advance it.
Key Factors of Successfully Operating Social Enterprises: An Analysis of and Dissemination to the Hong Kong Social Enterprise Sector
Over the past 10 years, we see a great disparity of SE success and failure cases in Hong Kong but there is little empirical evidence about their causes. Our project is inspired by the need to understand how SEs can better achieve their due missions of social objectives and commercial sustainability, and receive full support from HKCSS.
Green Finance
The major focus is to explore how the green finance in Hong Kong may further its contributions to the vision of the ‘Green Belt and Road’, and in the process enhance its own sustainability and benefit the broader development of Hong Kong community and the Region.
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Islamic Finance and Cultural Diversity
The aim of this new research group is two-folded: firstly, to study the development of Islamic Finance in Hong Kong and how it could contribute to the Belt and Road Initiative (B&R); secondly, to investigate on the potential for ethnic minorities in Hong Kong to participate in Islamic Finance. More specifically, we will look at Islamic bonds and securities (market and risk), corporate governance and cultural aspects of Islamic Finance.
Green Belt and Road
The 'Green Belt and Road' research group, composed of a dozen of multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional and cross-border research members, aspires to identify best practice / policy gaps in green construction (including engineering, urban forestry etc.) sector in Hong Kong so as to facilitate pathways of knowledge transfer, policy transfer and sustainable development impact measurement in countries along the Belt and Road (and in return benefit sustainable development in Hong Kong).
“Funding Programme of Research Projects on Equal Opportunities 2017/18”, Equal Opportunities Commission
“Creating a Discrimination-free and Barrier-free Living Environment for the ‘Little People’ in Hong Kong”
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Exploring Sustainable Development of Hong Kong Industries in Economic and Trade Cooperation Zones (ETCZs) along the Belt and Road
As an important platform for Chinese enterprises to “go global” in the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), overseas economic and trade cooperation zones (ETCZs) have encountered many developmental challenges. Hong Kong enterprises in the Pearl River Delta (PRD) might potentially be well placed to play an effective role in facilitating the development of Chinese overseas ETCZs because they are experienced in entering China and managing risks in emerging markets. The factors for their success and whether such factors can be transferred are worth studying. More importantly, due to the rising local business cost and global political uncertainty in recent years, the operating environment for Hong Kong enterprises in PRD has been worsening and their demand for migration is growing. Nonetheless, despite preferential packages offered by ETCZs, the number of Hong Kong enterprises willing to move abroad is still rather modest. This gap calls for an investigation into its causes. The proposed pilot research seeks to gain a preliminary overview of the policies and development of ETCZs, assess the considerations of Hong Kong enterprises in joining ETCZs and lay a solid foundation for further research in examining the pathways whereby Hong Kong enterprises may participate in ETCZs for mutual sustainability.
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AI Governance: Ethics and Policy Challenges in Hong Kong
In 2017, the Government proposed the Smart City Blueprint and planned to boost AI through the development infrastructure (e.g. smart lampposts) and education of the youth in Hong Kong. To follow this global trend and to cope with the challenges of technological development, the following question has to be addressed – should AI technology be regarded as the same as the previous technology, or does it demand new ethical standards? This project investigates the current position and future orientation for Hong Kong in terms of a governance framework for AI technology by conducting a local focus group study with representatives from selected sectors. The investigation aims: (1) to provide a preliminary summary of the dynamics of strategies (or “roadmaps”) and stage-setting cases in Hong Kong among various pioneer countries, and (2) to offer strategic insights for strengthening Hong Kong’s role in the international arena as one of the stage-setters.
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Driving Better ESG Reporting – A Key To Strengthen Hong Kong's Competitiveness in the Global Financial Market
ESG regulations and reporting practices originate from the ethical concerns for corporations’ broader impacts to society and environment and have become essential to sustainable economic/financial development of major global cities. ESG reporting has been implemented for Hong Kong listed companies since 2016. However, various surveys indicate that the quality of Hong Kong listed companies’ ESG reports is not up to standard. Although there was a high level of compliance, some ESG reports adopted a reporting method is either “uninformative and not helpful to stakeholders” or “vague and difficult to read”.
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Completed Projects

Hong Kong Professional Services in the Co-evolving Belt-Road Initiative: Innovative Agency for Sustainable Development A Strategic Public Policy Research Funding Scheme Project funded by Policy Innovation and Co-ordination Office, HKSARG
“Institutional Development and Budgetary Decision Making—the case of Hong Kong”. General Research Fund (GRF), Research Grant Council of Hong Kong Government. 2015-2017

Under Exploration

Research themes currently under exploration includes:

  • Youth

  • Medical/ Healthcare

  • Construction/ Architecture

  • Sustaintability/ Cultural Heritage

  • Sexuality Education

    Comprehensive sexuality education is critical to young people’s ability to make healthy and informed sexual decisions. It provides accurate information about human sexuality, gender identity, reproduction and sexual health; presents opportunities to explore and understand one’s own values regarding sexuality; develops skills to communicate and relate to others in healthy, satisfying, meaningful ways; and supports the ability to make sexual decisions with integrity to one’s self and respect for others.
  • Social Enterprise