CSHK International Hub for the Belt and Road


To facilitate the exchange of ideas between professionals and academics from various jurisdictions on issues and challenges in relation to the B&R.


  • Professor Linda Chelan Li, SusHK Hub Convenor and CSHK Director, CityU
  • Dr. Michael Chak Sham Wong, Department of Economics and Finance, CSHK Member, CityU

Some Examples of Potential Activities and Discussion Topics

  • international bond market for sovereign bonds etc. to support infrastructure projects in B&R countries
  • international stock market for leading companies from B&R countries to issue new equity for their business expansion
  • talent incubation among B&R countries on professional services in Finance, Banking, Accounting and Law
  • collaboration among financial institutions in B&R countries to support SME development
  • shared legal and accounting standards on infrastructure investments and cross-border investments among B&R countries
  • economic research on foreign direct investments, international trade, international banking and infrastructure projects among B&R countries

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