Past Events

Date Title Speaker(s)
2022-12-19 Emergency Declared, Crisis Averted: Managing Water Shortages in Colonial Hong Kong between 1963 and 1964 Dr. Florence Mok
2022-11-25 - 2022-11-26 25 Years' Hong Kong SAR: Transformation and Continuation Academic Conference Ms. Elsie Leung Oi-sie
Prof. Dayuan Han
Prof. Guobin Zhu
Dr. Edmund Cheng
Prof. Junzhi He
Prof. Mingtao Huang
Prof. Anthony Cheung
Prof. Hualing Fu
Prof. Albert Chen, etc.
2022-06-16 A Multi-Disciplinary Dialogue about the Metaverse; Technological Possibilities, Legal Implications, and Policy Preparation Prof. Jianping Wang
Prof. Cheng Han Tan
Prof. Richard Walker
Dr. Yanto Chandra
Dr. Ray Cheung
Prof. Alfred Tat-Kei Ho
Prof. Kevin Desouza
Mr. Alan Wan
Mr. Eric Yu
2022-06-03 Circular Economy in Cities Dr. Liang Dong
Dr. Luca Fraccascia
Dr. Xianlai Zeng
Dr. Huijuan Dong
Prof. Fujii Minoru
2022-05-13 Leading or Following?: (dis)Correspondence of Media and User Frame Networks on YouTube channels of Right-Wing News Organization Dr. Yuan Hsiao
2022-04-13 Image as Data: Automated Content Analysis Dr. Zachary C. Steinert-Threlkeld
2021-05-28 The 4th Empirical Political Science Research Workshop in Hong Kong Prof. Jiangnan Zhu
Dr. Edward Goldring
Prof. Pierre F. Landry
Prof. Tao Li
Dr. Franziska Keller
Dr. Dongshu Liu
Prof. Jing Vivian Zhan
Dr. Peter Beattie
2021-04-28 How to capture challenger-government interactions? From protest event to contentious episode analysis Prof. Swen Hutter
2021-03-25 The Structure of Protest Cycles: Inspiration and Bridging in South Korea's Democracy Movement Prof. Paul Y. Chang
2021-02-26 Communication & Contention in the Digital Era Prof. Ho Fung HUNG
2021-01-11 - 2021-01-22 Contentious Politics and its Repercussions in Asia Dr. Edmund CHENG
Dr. Claudia Junghyun KIM