Sustainable Development Lab


  • Dr. Liang DONG


  • To facilitate the development of interdisciplinary research which can overcome the barriers the existing policy and legislative frameworks pose to the development of green and fair cities.
  • To explore the directions for a more inclusive legislation and public policy making, promoting a smart, green and fair society.
  • To develop a policy toolbox, for the assessment and analysis of alternative legislative and public policy options, serving the framework of SDGs.
  • To explore the mechanisms for development good governance defined as one which balances the economic, social and environmental pressures.
  • To explore the links between Social Justice, alleviation of poverty and Sustainability.
  • The development of an open knowledge hub attracting an increased number of investigators in the field including students, researchers and external stakeholders concerned with sustainable development.
  • The development of interdisciplinary cross-faculty external grant applications to sustain the work of the Green, Fair and Smart Lab.


  • The organization of two international workshops on social justice and sustainability in a smart city. The workshops will engage of NGO (e.g., WWF, HK), consulting companies like EY and KPMG, and interested groups of citizens. Internationally recognized scholars will be invited to speak and interact with local stakeholders. These workshops will lay the grounds for establishing a network of academic and social stakeholders which will assist in the development of the collaborative scheme’s grant application.
  • Two internal workshops between CLASS and CityU, for knowledge sharing, collaboration and the identification of cutting edge research questions which can be collaboratively addressed. Reports from the workshops will be made available on the webpage of the Lab. The two workshops are expected as including brainstorming and consultancy sessions to collect valuable inspirations, feedbacks and comments for preparing the grant proposals. The lab will submit for publication a minimum of 2 joint interdisciplinary papers to well recognized SCI or SSCI journals, and organize one special issue in SCI or SSCI journal, on the topic of sustainability and environmental justice for cities. Preliminary discussions have identified two preliminary titles for the papers each supporting the collaborations which will lead to grant proposals. The first title will be “Multiple disciplinary approaches for modeling sustainable solutions: The role of the law” is under developed by Dong, Fang, Tsimplis et al. The second paper is currently planned to be “The scale of sustainability: From companies to intergovernmental organisations” (Fang, Dong, Tsimplis et al. Additional contributions to the lab are expected as the number of its members expands.
  • Submit one joint GRF application, and one larger joint proposal, like PPPR or CRF.


  • Dr Mandy Meng FANG, Assistant Professor, School of Law
  • Prof Michael TSIMPLIS, Professor, School of Law
  • Dr Bo WEN, Assistant Professor, Department of Public Policy
  • Dr Dongshu LIU, Assistant Professor, Department of Public Policy