Recent Publication
Year 2016
ZHANG, Xiaoling., Yanliu Lin., Wu Yuzhe* and Martin Skitmore (2016)
Industrial land price between China Pearl River Delta and Southeast Asian regions: Competition or Coopetition?
Land Use Policy

Yep, Ray and Forrest, Ray (2016)
Elevating the Peasants Into High-Rise Apartments-The Land Bill System as a Solution for Land Conflicts
Journal of Rural Studies, Volume 47, Part B, October 2016, Pages 474–484

Chen, Dong; Yanmin Gao; Mayank Kaul; Charles Ka Yui Leung and Desmond Tsang, (2016)
The role of sponsor and external management on the capital structure of Asian-Pacific REITs: the case of Australia, Japan, and Singapore
International Real Estate Review, 19(2), 197-221.

Wang, J., & Li, S.-m. (2016)
State territorilisation, neoliberal governmentality: The remaking of Dafen Oil Painting Village, Shenzhen, China.
Urban Geography. DOI: 10.1080/02723638.2016.1139409

Wu, Qiyan., Zhang, Xiaoling*., Xu, Yilun., & Li, Tian. (2016)
Dualities of semi-urbanization villages in social-spatial transition: A case study of Zhoucun village in suburban Nanjing, China.
Journal of Rural Studies, 47, 657-664;

WU, Qiyan; ZHANG, Xiaoling*; WALEY, Paul. (2016)
When Neil Smith met Pierre Bourdieu in Nanjing, China: bringing cultural capital into rent gap theory.
Housing Studies, 2016, 1-19

Forrest, R. & B. Wissink (2016)
'Whose City Now? Urban Managerialism Reconsidered (Again)’
Sociological Review,
in press

Wissink, B. & Hazelzet, A. (2016)
Bangkok Living: Encountering Others in a Gated Urban Field
in press

Wissink, B., T. Schwanen & R. van Kempen (2016)
Beyond residential segregation: Introduction
Available online 21 August 2016

Wang, J., Oakes, T., Yang Y. (Eds) (2016)
Making Cultural Cities in Asia: Mobility, assemblage, and the politics of aspirational urbanism

Hendrikx, M. & Wissink, B. (2016)
Welcome to the club! An exploratory study of service accessibility in commodity housing estates in Guangzhou, China
Social & Cultural Geography

Ngai Ming Yip, Ray Forrest, Shi Xian (2016)
Exploring segregation and mobilities: Application of an activity tracking app on mobile phone
Cities, doi:10.1016/j.cities.2016.02.003

Koh, S.Y., B. Wissink & R. Forrest (2016)
Reconsidering the super-rich: variations, structural conditions and urban consequences
in: I. Hay & J. Beaverstock (Eds.) Handbook on Wealth and the Super-Rich, Edward Elgar, pp.18-40