About Us

In the early 21st century, this is the place for urban research. Hong Kong is one of the most iconic and quintessentially urban environments, located at the epicentre of the fastest urbanizing region in the world. Like elsewhere in contemporary China, the pace and scale of development is unparalleled. Even our university name is resonant of a close connection with urbanism and urbanization. 

CityU`s Urban Research Group is an international and multidisciplinary team with a substantial portfolio of external funded projects currently encompassing Mainland China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, India and Hong Kong. We are committed to research which is both theoretically robust and socially engaged. Most of all we want to undertake research which is intellectually exciting. 

In broad terms our current work falls within the following areas:

  • City life and urban culture (urban mobilities and migration; the social life of neighbourhoods; neighbourhood dynamics and social change)
  • The city and public policy (urban governance and management; urban policy; governing diversity; contested urban politics)
  • The contours of the contemporary housing question (eg housing and wealth; affordability; housing inequality and social stratification)

The group welcomes and seeks active collaborations with other top universities and institutes. We have close working relationships with: the Centre for Urban Studies of the University of Amsterdam, Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, The Centre for Housing Policy (CHP) of the University of York, the Centre for Urban and Public Policy Research at the University of Bristol, the Australian Urban and Housing Research Institute (AHURI), and City Futures, at the University of New South Wales.