Recent Publication
Year 2011
Leung, Charles Ka Yui and Jun Zhang (2011)
“Fire Sales” in Housing Market: Is the House-Search process similar to a Theme Park visit?
International Real Estate Review, 14, 311-329.

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Monetary Policy, Term Structure and Real Estate Return: Comparing REIT, housing and stock
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Should the optimal portfolio be region-specific? A multi-region model with monetary policy and asset price co-movements
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Social risks for international players in the construction market: A China study
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Homeowners United: the attempt to create lateral networks of homeowners' associations in urban China
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Collectivism and activism in housing management in Hong Kong
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Property price gradients: the vertical dimension
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On the anti-social behaviour control in Hong Kong's public housing
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The developmental state in the global hegemony of neoliberalism: A new strategy for public housing in Singapore
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“Participación ciudadana en las Agendas 21: cuestiones críticas de la gobernanza urbana” [Citizen participation in Local Agenda 21: critical questions of urban governance]
Scripta Nova. Revista electrónica de geografía y ciencias sociales XV, 355

M.A.Martinez Lopez (2011)
“Dimensiones múltiples de la participación ciudadana en la planificación espacial” [Multiple dimensions of citizen participation in spatial planning]
Revista Española de Investigaciones Sociológicas 133, 21-42.

M.A.Martinez Lopez (2011)
The Citizen Participation of Urban Movements in Spatial Planning. A comparison between Vigo and Porto
International Journal of Urban and Regional Research 35(1): 147-71.

J Li, YH Chiang, L Choy (2011)
Central–local conflict and property cycle: A Chinese style
Habitat International 35 (1), 126-132

LAU, Kwok Yu (2011)
“Home ownership still a distant dream for sandwich class despite increase in land supply”,  Hong Kong Economic Times, 25 February 2011
劉國裕「土地雖增 夾心層仍難望上樓 」《香港經濟日報》2011年2月25日

LAU, Kwok Yu (2011)
“Quota increase required amid upward adjustment of income ceiling of public rental housing applicants”,  Hong Kong Economic Times, 11 March 2011
劉國裕「調高公屋入息上限 還需增配額 」《香港經濟日報》2011年3月11日

LAU, Kwok Yu (2011)
“Long waiting period for single non-elderly public rental housing applicants warrants a review of quota”,  Hong Kong Economic Times, 13 March 2011
劉國裕「單身上樓難 速檢討公屋配額」《香港經濟日報》2011年3月13日

LAU Kwok Yu (2011)
“Increase public rental housing and resume HOS to build a stable society”, The Federation of Public Housing Estates 26th Anniversary (1985-2011) Commemorative Volume, July 2011, pp.82-89.

劉國裕「增建公屋 復建居屋 讓市民安居 建安穩基石」《公屋聯會成立二十六週年(1985-2011)紀念特刊》, 2011年7月出版, 第82-89頁

LAU, Kwok Yu (2011)
“HOS owners need to move upward to increase the turnover of subsidized units” Hong Kong Economic Times, 29 September 2011
劉國裕「助居屋業主「上移」 增房屋流轉」《香港經濟日報》2011年9月29日

LAU, Kwok Yu (2011)
“Improve the HOS Secondary Market to speed up the turnover of public housing units” Hong Kong Economic Times, 3 October 2011
劉國裕「優化居屋第二市場 促公屋流轉」《香港經濟日報》2011年10月3日

LAU, Kwok Yu (2011)
“Four Restrictions Required for New HOS” Hong Kong Economic Times, 7 October 2011
劉國裕「新居屋助市民 要設四限」《香港經濟日報》2011年10月7日

LAU, Kwok Yu (2011)
“Housing Society and Private Sector Developers go hand in hand – a way out for New HOS?” Hong Kong Economic Times, 11 October 2011
劉國裕「房協混合私人參建 新居屋出路?」《香港經濟日報》2011年10月11日

LAU, Kwok Yu (2011)
“New HOS not too generous, only few will benefit from it*” (provided by the Editor, the intended title is “HOS rekindles hope though disappoints many and only few will benefit from it”, Hong Kong Economic Times, 14 October 2011

LAU, Kwok Yu (2011)
“Further deliberation is required before deciding on the 35,000 public rental housing annual production target”, Hong Kong Economic Times, 24 October 2011.
劉國裕「3.5萬公屋? 言之尚早」《香港經濟日報》2011年10月24日

LAU Kwok Yu (2011)
Pricing and Resale of New Home Ownership Scheme flats should be people-based, affordable and for self-use, Scenario (Hong Kong Council of Social Service Quarterly Bulletin), Issue No. 34, December 2011, p.21
劉國裕(2011)新居屋計劃訂價和轉售政策須為民開 審度購買力 保自住用,《社情》季刊, 第34期, 2011年12月, 香港社會服務聯會, 頁21

Adrienne La Grange (2011)
‘Neighbourhood and Class A Study of Three Neighbourhoods in Hong Kong’
Urban Studies 48(6), 1181-1200

R Forrest (2011)
Residence Through Revolution and Reform
The New Blackwell Companion to the City, 142-153

KK Fung and R Forrest (2011)
Securitization, the global financial crisis and residential capitalisms in an east asian context
Housing Studies 26 (7-8), 1231-1249