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Postgraduate Studies

Most students go for postgraduate or further studies for two main reasons. One is related to further academic enquiry. A student takes up a postgraduate course to develop research and academic skills in an area of specialization, which in turn sets their career path. The other is to follow courses that will give them training that are required for professional qualification and practice.

While postgraduate courses tend to increase the chance of employment and the level of remuneration, it can be laborious and time consuming. If you should decide to pursue further studies, a good place to start is to talk to a career advisor and a professor in your area of study.

 Different postgraduate programmes 

By coursework

Coursework degrees and diplomas prepare you for professional services by specialization and practical training. These courses, usually made up of lectures, tutorials, and practicum, enable you to improve your qualifications or sometimes, change your career path.

By research

Research degrees are the way to go if you want to pursue a career in research or teaching in the academia. In general, the curriculum will consist the development of research expertise in a subject area.

Some research degrees require coursework, but in general, the emphasis of study is independent research work that would result in the completion of a thesis or research project under the supervision of a mentor.



 Professional qualification and recognition 

Research degrees such as a Ph.D. are associated with training in research and will help you land professionally in an academic establishment. However, other postgraduate degrees may be more restrictive in how the are recognized in different places because of regional laws and requirements. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How is my degree recognized at where I want to work?
  • What institutions will hire me for the training I receive?
  • Will it increase my chance of getting hired or getting a pay raise?

Talk to career advisors and prospective employers or trade chambers before you make a decision.



 Choosing a postgraduate program 

Student are advised to choose postgraduate program and universities cautiously whether you want study locally or abroad. Some questions you want to ask are:

  • Are past graduates finding jobs?
  • How well rated is the program?
  • Is the university you are apply for just a big one with a big name?
  • How does the program suit you?
  • Are financial support and work available?

You can start doing research by studying university guides. If you have some idea as to which universities you are interested in, you can also write to them directly for a postgraduate prospectus.

University Guides

There are many university guides on the book market and are available in major book stores. Here are some popular university guide websites.

QS World University Rankings - Top Universities

Talk to Professors

The professors whose research interests are similar to those of yours are often in a good position to give you information about the quality and specialties of the universities and departments associated with your intended area of research.



 Postgraduate Studies Support 

Information regarding financial support, academic advice, and residential conditions for incoming and outgoing postgraduate students can be obtained at these offices:

Mainland and External Affaires Office
Chow Yei Ching School of Graduate Studies