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Frequently Asked Questions (Web Templates)

  1. Can we select any color theme for our website(s)?
    For administrative units, their office website should use the default theme, identical to CityU homepage.
    For academic units, colleges and schools make their own choice of color theme (from 1 to 11), while departments and research centres should follow the selection to be consistent.
  2. Can we add any item (such as banner, news, spotlights, system date) on header area?
    No. Only designed items, office logos, and qualified logos could be placed on header area at their pre-defined positions.
  3. Can we add a search function to search my website content only?
    Yes, please refer to customization guide.
  4. Can we adjust the font size? Make it bigger?
    No, for brand consistency. We have a font size control at top right hand corner.
  5. Can we design our own navigation / menu bar?
    No, for brand consistency.
  6. Can my home page use full-width cover photo?
    Yes. If you make your own slider and/or cover photo, please make sure it works in mobile as well.
  7. Can my home page skip the photo area?
  8. Can my home page contain a single column or three columns, instead of two?
  9. Can I design and add other elements, such as calendar, into my website?
    Yes. Please make sure they work in mobile and are accessible.
  10. Can we use image to display Chinese/English characters?
    No, they are unreadable by screen readers and machines, posing accessibility and SEO problems.
  11. Can we use Flash-based media or content?
    No. Flash-based elements may pose various web accessibility, mobile accessibility, SEO and security issues.
  12. Can we pop-up a new window?
    Please avoid, since some browsers blocked this function.
  13. Can we remove the sitemap from footer?
    No, for brand consistency.
  14. Could a contractor paste its logo and/or “Powered by XXX” statement in our web pages?
  15. Can my website support English only?
  16. How to handle traditional Chinese / simplified Chinese pages?
    Please follow our customization example.
  17. Can our web pages use BIG5?
    No. Every page must be Unicode (UTF-8).
  18. Can we select our own date format?
    For any date displayed in CityU websites, it should use long date format DD MMM YYYY, e.g. 31 OCT 2011.