Postdoctoral Top-up Funding Scheme

Postdoctoral Top-up Funding Scheme


The Discovery-enriched Curriculum (DEC) has already been implemented in CityU for several years.  The spirit of DEC is to encourage undergraduate students to discover and innovate.  The Postdoctoral Top-up Scheme builds on the foundation of DEC while recognizing that undergraduate students need scholars to guide and nurture them as they embark on their own paths of discovery and innovation at CityU. 

In order to promote the relationship between undergraduate and scholar, EDGE is now introducing a Scheme for existing Postdoctoral Fellows or Research Fellows to take an active part in students’ discovery of new knowledge and engagement in innovative activities. The Postdoctoral Fellows and Research Fellows are expected to work with interested students for up to 17 hours per week during the period March to August 2014. By granting this top-up support to outstanding Fellows in different disciplines, the Scheme aims to empower them to provide guidance and nurturing for these undergraduate students’ discovery-related activities. Fellows from different disciplines will collaborate with each other in teams to supervise students’ activities while also enhancing their own teaching skills in preparation for future academic careers.  EDGE will work with supervisors and provide the funding in the form of joint appointments for existing Postdoctoral Fellows or Research Fellows whose contracts span the March to August 2014 period or beyond. EDGE and supervisors will be jointly appointing these Fellows during the said time period.  This joint appointment is dependent upon the continuation of the primary appointment by their supervisors or their base unit.


  1. To support students’ work in the Addicted-To-Discovery Program (further information about ATD can be found in EDGE ATD webpages);
  2. To assist other student learning and innovative activities as assigned by EDGE;
  3. EDGE will assign successful candidates to work up to a maximum of 17 hours per week.  The rest of the time those candidates will work under their supervisors or in their base unit.


All Postdoctoral Fellows or Research Fellows (or equivalent) who hold a PhD degree and currently are employed by CityU (not including SCOPE and CCCU) are eligible to apply.  Their contracts should span the March to August 2014 period or beyond.  Applications must be submitted via their supervisors.

Application Process:

Application form should be submitted to and provide the following information about the intended Postdoctoral Fellow or Research Fellow:

  1. Personal particulars;
  2. Undergraduate/Postgraduate academic qualifications obtained;
  3. List of recent publications (up to 5 years);
  4. List of research projects, particularly emphasizing discovery and innovation components in these projects ;
  5. Experience related to mentoring undergraduate students to carry out research;
  6. Working experience, if any;
  7. Professional membership, if any.

Selection Criteria:

The main criteria for selection will be the applicant’s proven competencies in research and in nurturing students.  In short, the selection criteria are:

  1. Professional qualifications and research experience, preferably experience engaging in discovery and innovation;
  2. Demonstrated success in conducting high-quality research, particularly cross-disciplinary research;
  3. Experience in mentoring undergraduate students research activities;
  4. Potential in nurturing students’ success.


A maximum amount of HK$120,000 per Fellow, intended to partially or fully cover their salary from March to June 2014 in the joint appointment, may be granted. This arrangement of EDGE paying for part or all salary for the period of March to June, while the scheme spans from March to August 2014, is set based on the dates of the current financial year.

Timeline for Application:

Call for Submissions 13 January 2014
Submission Deadline

30 January 2014

Results Announcement                14 February 2014
Commencement Date

1 March 2014

Completion Date

30 August 2014