Striving for Peace and Harmony

Peace in the mind and harmony amidst rich cultural diversity. While the first step is thriving health and wellness, we also strive to facilitate a culture of transparency, mutual understanding, and the sheer curiosity of the exotic.

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    Yoga Day
    Enlivens your day by gathering with like-minded others, it is a massive event where every resident enjoys yoga.

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    Yoga Fun Hour
    An hour of mindful moments may turn into a long-term or even lifetime passion! The deeply relaxing class integrated the power of mindfulness into yoga and stretching to soothe any aching bodies and clean up your mind clusters throughout your busy semester.

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    Exploring HK Series
    Enjoy beyond the spectacular sceneries, which are the legendary stories and historical milestones behind them. Both local and international residents are welcomed to hop on the journey of intensive cultural exchange, alongside discovering the mixed local and western cultures, and vibrant lifestyles in HK.