Since its establishment as a university 25 years ago, City University of Hong Kong (CityU) has developed to become one of the world’s top universities, known for innovation, creativity and research aimed at improving the quality of life. In the following pages, we are proud to present our Strategic Plan for 2020–2025, World-class Research and Education, building upon these achievements. This Plan provides a roadmap for our future, enables us to navigate current challenges and develops our identity as a world-class university. With the support and concerted efforts of our students, faculty, staff, stakeholders, alumni, donors and friends, we have succeeded in building a university that is committed to excellence. We are excited to move forward and continue our remarkable trajectory of success over the next five years.

What will change during that time? While it is difficult to predict the future five years from now, we have identified recent developments in the economic, societal and technological landscapes that will significantly impact the higher education sector. Locally, Hong Kong is experiencing unprecedented challenges and rapid changes in its social, economic, public health and political situation, all of which pose an even greater demand for universities to be publicly accountable. Globally, technological advances are shaping society in profound ways and international divides are altering competitive dynamics and economic systems. In response to these challenges, we will develop and offer an integrated, interdisciplinary, cutting-edge curriculum, one that is designed to nurture the future generation of professionals and transform students into creative problem-solvers, effective communicators and future leaders. Focusing on five key research areas (One Health, Digital Society, Smart City, Matter and Brain) and developing applicable interdisciplinary research are essential strategies to pursue academic excellence and address global problems. Hence, CityU is dedicated to excellence in professional education and translational research in order to facilitate positive change for a better society.

What will not change in the next five years? In an ever-changing world, the common mission of universities remains the same: to advance knowledge and promote understanding. Since Professor Way Kuo took up the CityU presidency in 2008, we have embraced research as an integral part of teaching with the clear mission of becoming a leading global university, excelling in research and professional education. We remain true to these aspirations and keep our mission firmly in mind. Despite the recent social instability, we continue to treasure the autonomy of universities, holding fast to the belief that universities should not be arenas for conflicting political views, but rather, safe spaces in which research and education can flourish for the benefit of all. The importance of instilling in our students respect, understanding of alternative viewpoints and the values of good citizenship remains at the heart of everything we do. Over the next five years, we will further strengthen the teaching–research nexus to help students link their learning to the contemporary knowledge, creativity and skills needed for them to succeed in their professions now and in the future. As an attractive regional hub for higher education in the Greater China Region, we will continue to develop wider academic networks and partnerships, empowering CityU as a world-leading university that is the home of international talents with global citizenship.

The spirit of CityU is to pursue excellence for a better future. The future is now. We call for the actions and contributions of our large and supportive community of students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends to join us to achieve the ambitious goals of the Strategic Plan 2020–2025. With the unfailing support of the University community, we will continue to create our own success stories in the years to come.

Lester Garson HUANG, SBS, JP
Chairman of the Council
President and University Distinguished Professor