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Professor Julien Chaisse Quoted in Financier Worldwide on the Supply Chain Resilience Initiative, A Bid to Strengthen Supply Chain Provision in the Asia-Pacific Region


Professor Julien Chaisse, an associate member of CCCL, explains the purpose of the Supply Chain Resilience Initiative (SCRI) is to build more resilient supply chains and put an end to future reoccurrence of problems by developing dependable supply and attracting investments. Although it is difficult to say whether the SCRI is an artificial programme, its impact on the Chinese economy could be significant. As China accounted for more than $4.6 trillion in exports and imports in 2020, any impact on it could potentially destabilise the global industrial supply chain and recovery of the global economy as well. Read the full article here: Fraser Tennant, “Game changer? — APAC trio launch major supply chain initiative”, Financier Worldwide Magazine, 5 July 2021 <>.