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Dr. Fozia Lone Quoted in People’s Daily and Xinhua News on Protection of Human Rights in Public Health Crisis


Dr. Fozia Nazir Lone, an associate member of RCCL, presented a paper titled as “Protection of Human Rights in the Post-COVID-19 Era: Possible Chinese Role Towards Future Outcome-based Asian Health Cooperation Framework” at Colloquium on “Protection of Human Rights in Public Health Crisis: Functions and Obligations of States” organized by the China Society for Human Rights Studies, School of Law, Human Rights Center, Jilin University (8 June 2020). This paper proposed based on the Chinese White Paper principles that this can be achieved in Asia at an experimental level under Chinese leadership, to (1) reach an outcome-based Asian cooperation framework that will be responsive to emerging viral pandemics and offer public health security for the future; and (2) accelerate research and promote the equitable production/distribution of medical products, making efforts to contain future pandemics and prevent cross border infection. Her remarks were quoted in People’s Daily (“加强團結合作, 尊重保障人權 — ‘全球疫情防控與人權保障’系列國際視頻研討會綜述” (15 July 2020) <>) as well as in Xinhua News (<> (9 June 2020)). A full article was published by the People’s Daily titled “China’s promotion of international anti-epidemic cooperation is of clear and progressive significance” (“中國推進國際抗疫合作具有鮮明進步意義”), People’s Daily, 22 July 2020 <>.