External Research Grants

More information on the research projects can be accessed from CityU Scholars - Projects.

Grant Name (Project Title) Name of Investigator Grant Type Year Amount (HKD)
Unhealthy Populism: COVID-19 in Southeast Asia Dr Diego Fossati GRF 2021-22 1,200,155
How does Backsliding affect Pushback? Comparing Opposition to Autocratization in the Philippines and Thailand Prof Mark Thompson GRF 2021-22 831,799
"Caring for carers": A study of the precarity-transnationality nexus in the life course of migrant domestic workers Dr Yuk Wah CHAN GRF 2021-22 825,734
Finding Zeros of Low-Complexity Polynomial Systems Dr Felipe Cucker GRF 2021-22 598,015
Foreign Domestic Helpers and Sentencing in Hong Kong Dr Daniel Pascoe GRF 2021-22 464,097
The Meaning of Democracy and Democratic Consolidation in Indonesia Dr Diego Fossati ECS 2020-21 963,599
The Role of Cities and Provinces in China's Regional Relations Dr Nicholas Thomas GRF 2020-21 948,230
Functional Norms and Condition Numbers for Polynomial Systems Dr Felipe Cucker GRF 2020-21 776,526
Combining Citizenships: How Asia and Europe Intersect to Drive Global Investment Migration Dr Justin Robertson GRF 2020-21 687,540
Trust Me, I’m a Doctor: An Empirical Investigation into Factors Influencing the Adoption of e-Health Record Sharing in Hong Kong Dr Rebecca Ong GRF 2020-21 489,500
Turning IT Weaknesses into Lessons: the Interplay between Preventive and Reactive Approach, and IT Governance Dr Wei Thoo Yue GRF 2020-21 440,530
Demolish the Walls, Rebuild the City: Infrastructural Transformation and the Emergence of Urban Governance in Republican Canton, China Dr Jun Zhang ECS 2019-20 957,369
Women and Birth in Transition: The Politics of Childbirth Medicalization in Reform era China Dr Jun Zhang GRF 2019-20 935,279
Negotiating Parliamentary Control of the Armed Forces in Praetorian Regimes. Evidence from Myanmar Dr Renaud Egreteau GRF 2019-20 870,344
Privatising Development? The International Finance Corporation's Impact Upon Development in Asia Dr Toby Carroll GRF 2019-20 486,680
The Role of Data Broker in the New Data Economy Dr Wei Thoo Yue GRF 2019-20 324,400
Cultivating Conservatives, Clandestinely: The Role of US Covert Action in Building Friendly Regimes in Japan and South Korea Dr Bradley Williams GRF 2019-20 206,568
Changing Patterns of Threat Securitization in Democratic Taiwan Prof Daniel Lynch GRF 2018-19 751,000
Theory, Numerical Simulation and Experiment on Periodically Engineered Metamaterials for Enclosed Regional Protection against Seismic Destruction Prof C W Lim GRF 2018-19 632,421
On the Homology of Semialgebraic Sets Dr Felipe Cucker GRF 2018-19 304,301
The Rise of Illiberal Populist Rule in the Philippines Prof Mark Thompson GRF 2017-18 610,680
Symplectic Elasticity Modeling for Miniaturized Crystalline Plate Structures Subject to Repulsive Casimir Forces and Surface Stresses Prof C W Lim GRF 2017-18 582,000
Business, Human Rights and State Capacity to Regulate in Asia Dr Bill Taylor GRF 2017-18 485,181
New Comparative and Empirical Approaches to Clemency Dr Daniel Pascoe ECS 2017-18 367,770
Enhancing Corporate and Organizational Information Security Practices with a Framework for Data Breach Notification Dr Rebecca Ong GRF 2016-17 559,920
Total (HKD): $16,299,638

Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation = Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange