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Southeast Asia Research Group (SEAREG) summer conference

On July 2 to 3 SEARC hostel the Southeast Asia Research Group (SEAREG) summer conference with more than 50 attendees from Southeast Asia, China, Japan, China, Australia, North America and Europe gathered on CityUHK's campus for six presentations from the newest class of SEAREG Fellows. The event also featured two keynote addresses from distinguished scholars in the region and three thematic sessions. SEARC was pleased to host a conference whose primary aim is to offer in-depth feedback to young career scholars on their dissertation work to strengthen their research.

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2 - 3 July 2024
Mark R. Thompson, SEARC director was a visiting research scholar at the Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS) at Kyoto University in spring 2024.

For an CSEAS interview about his research profile there click here:

While there a visitor at CSEAS he held a colloquium with the topic "Which Lineages: History and Interpretations of Philippine Politics". For more details click here:

5 April 2024 (Fri)
ALSE-OF-LIFE Program successfully concluded by the Ateneo School of Government, WIMLER Foundation Hong Kong Ltd., and SEARC
On November 12, 2023, thirty-two Filipino migrant workers in Hong Kong earned their certificates after finishing the Ateneo Overseas Filipinos' Leadership, Innovation, Financial Literacy, and Social Entrepreneurship (ALSE-OF-LIFE) Program. SEARC Director, Prof. Mark Richard Thompson, delivered a solidarity message to the graduates. The ALSE-OF-LIFE Program was made possible through the concerted efforts of the Ateneo School of Government, WIMLER Foundation Hong Kong Ltd., and SEARC.
12 November 2023 (Sun)
SEARC Associate Director Awarded $3.4 Million Grant by the Australian Research Council

SEARC Associate Director, Prof FOSSATI Diego, in partnership with colleagues Edward Aspinall, Eve Warburton and Burhan Muhtadi has been awarded a prestigious and highly competitive Discovery Project Grant by the Australian Research Council for a project titled “Political Representation in Indonesia". With a budget of AUD$ 679,740, the project aims to understand political representation in Indonesia, asking how far politicians resemble voters in both their policy views and backgrounds (gender, religion, education etc.). It will generate new knowledge on a major potential source of fragility in the world’s third largest democracy, and pioneer a new multi-method approach for explaining how representation varies. Expected outcomes include a new framework that extends analysis of representation to illiberal democracies, and a tranche of public data on Indonesia for cross-national comparisons. Benefits will include a new set of analytical tools to help policy makers to assess sources of weakness in representative institutions in illiberal settings.

1 November 2023 (Wed)
The 5th Vietnam Symposium on Leadership & Public Policy

Dr. Bert George, Associate Professor, Department of Public and International Affairs, City University of Hong Kong, Collaborating partner of the "5th Vietnam Symposium on Leadership & Public Policy"  [click]

25 - 27 October 2023