Entrance Scholarships for Local Students

The University will identify high caliber students with outstanding academic and/or non-academic achievement for the entrance scholarships upon successful admission; students do not have to submit application separately. In general, most entrance scholarships are provided by Schools, Colleges and Departments, and the University also provides entrance scholarship for outstanding student athletes. Most of the entrance scholarships are renewable subject to students’continued good academic performance and the scholarship value varies. The relevant award regulations and scholarship details can be referred to the following websites:

CityU Scholarships for Hong Kong Talents
Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships for designated College/School/Department Local Students
Scholarship(s) For Student Athletes
In addition, the Education Bureau offers "Scholarship for Prospective English Teachers", to those students who will pursue a full-time degree programme majoring in English; and "Scholarship for Teachers (Pursuit of Master's Degree Programmes)", to local teachers who have enrolled relevant part-time master's degree programmes. The relevant study programmes, eligibility and scholarship details can be referred to the following websites:
Scholarship for Prospective English Teachers
Scholarship for Teachers (Pursuit of Master's Degree Programmes)