Top Outstanding Student Leader Awards

Selection CriteriaAward Amount (HK$)Maximum No. of Awards
The awards shall be offered to full-time UGC-funded undergraduate students who:
a) have positive and constructive attitude with demonstrated record in contributing to the University or the community in an on-going manner;
b) have proven leadership qualities such as interpersonal skills, event management, problem solving and organizational abilities;
c) have successfully reflected and consolidated on the learning experience of being student leaders and contributed to personal growth;
d) have good academic achievements (with CGPA 2.5 or above);
e) have obtained a citation detailing the student's outstanding leadership from a relevant organization/association; and
f) have demonstrated a strong sense of belonging to the University and the community.
$10,000@ (an one-off award)10

1. Short-listed candidates will be required to attend a selection interview in person.
2. Each award recipient is expected to make an annual donation of at least HK$200 to CityU for student support via "CityU Alumni Giving Club" when they are in employment after graduation. The aim is to nurture and sustain the caring and giving culture in the University. To make a donation, you can visit the website: